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What am I doing wrong?

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I have been attempting to use iTunes to get songs out of Garageband in a format that I can post to Soundcloud or just send to people to listen to... but I hook my iPhone up and start iTunes (or it starts itself!) and I cannot figure out where in the iTunes interface to get started dealing with Garageband files. I've looked online repeatedly for info but the internet is far, FAR skewed towards iPad info in this regard, and I'm somewhat over it at this point. Can someone advise?


  • Hi Brain, I don't use GB myself but here's what you do.

    To get songs into iTunes from your phone you will need to send the mix using the "send to" button (the rectangle icon with an arrow pointing upwards) this is in the top right hand corner on iPad.

    Press this and you will get the option to send to iTunes.

    In iTunes go to iPhone>apps>file sharing>GarageBand and the song should be listed there. Use the save to button to save to your PC.

    iTunes starting itself is an option selected in iTunes on your PC. When you click on iPhone, on the summary tab, scroll down and you will see a check box ticked that says something like "open iTunes when this iPhone is connected". You can just deselect this if it is not what you need to happen.

    Don't think I've missed anything. Give it a go.

  • Thank you, thinds! Although I haven't actually carried through with your instructions I have familiarized myself with the basic idea... again, my thanks! I have four original songs in various stages of completion that I hope to turn you folks on to - once I get around to figuring out what's up with Soundcloud (I have the app & visited the website, and again I'm clueless as to how to create an account & upload music... sigh,,, why is it so hard to ferret out simple instructions where this stuff is concerned?).

  • No worries. Soundcloud seems to be behaving strangely at the moment. The app version is next to useless IMHO. Better off accessing via a browser.

  • Maybe wrong here, but I have no issues uploading directly to SC from the track, hit the upload button, verify your settings and then 'share'. I never have to go through iTunes. Might be easier for you in the long run.

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