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Name one your release you are most proud of

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Name ONE release (YT, SC, BC link) which is best thing you ever made. You most loved "child" :-) Something you're still more or less proud of .. no excuses, no explanations, not important if it was made on iOS, desktop or complete HW job ..

Just one track - in case it's whole EP or album i has to be one link (one YT video with whole EP or whole album) - just to avoid mess here, thanks ;-)



  • I'll start :)

  • Nice sounds and textures in that one @dendy

    For me, it's probably this one:

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    Which was recorded specifically for the film ,
    'The Wild Thornberries', at Real World Studios.
    The film was nominated for an Oscar.

    I co-wrote and played bass guitar on the track.

    My real name is ,'Ishmael Pamphille'.

  • Here's mine:

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    Probably this, especially considering the whole "background" of it 🙂 (this is not the fully mastered version; if you want to support a struggling backyard artist, you can get that in the usual places such as Apple Music, Amazon etc. 🙂🥳)

  • I just put this in the Song of the Month thread but, what the hell, I’ll put it here too.

  • Don't have SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube yet.

  • It's always the most recent thing I've done 🙃

  • A collaboration with my brother playing guitar and me singing "Miles Away"

  • @Tarekith said:
    It's always the most recent thing I've done 🙃

    very true statement and a great way of thinking.

  • @dendy wow blown away :o Opening track really sums up what your Bandcamp discography has become as well, a black hole of sorts. I'll be rocking to some of this later at the gym fo'sho.

  • I've been off of dance music for a bit. Finding more inspiration in softer more subtle side of songwriting as my Youtube releases attest to but I consider my 2017 Anthology album the pinnacle of my dance music creations going back years and years. Everything is 100% start to finish IOS, predominantly Korg Gadget.

    60 minutes continuously mixed, harmonically mixed progressive house:

    I've been able to produce some more interesting instrumental arrangements more recently since I started working on a fully sized and weighted digital piano, but so as not to break the rules won't be linking them, although I'm releasing new titles on a monthly basis, sometimes more frequently. Hoping if the time allows re-interpret my dance tracks into instrumentals, and then remix them back into dance tracks at a later time.

  • edited October 2019

    @Tarekith also pleasantly surprised by this. God I want one of those.

    Two awesome new Subs, (so-far), today. :)

  • edited October 2019

    great stuff, :+1: to all, so much different genres and musical views, this thread is going to be legendary !! Thanks to all participants and looking forward for more stuff :-)

  • Rare finished track. I sampled the crowd from a downhill bike race for the party vibe. Want to go back and re-mix and master this at some point as I know more now.

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    All time favourite from a collaborative phase with @Bluepunk

    Dog nose how he made any sense of my outpourings at the time.

  • edited October 2019

    I need to take an hour to listen to all these tonight. This post was a great idea to encourage folks to post their stuff. Kudos. Please post you lurkers!

    My most noteworthy piece, I imagine is Synthony No.1. I believe it was the first symphonylike piece to be produced on iOS. I would like to think so, anyway. @rs2000 kindly and expertly remastered it and helped muchly with my less than perfect production.

  • edited October 2019

    In the spirit of @Tarekith your last is best comment...this is the latest. Literally just recorded on iPhone in the car waiting on my table at Yardbird. Just got done watching the brilliant Joker. Very inspiring. Oct 3, 1 28

  • edited October 2019

    I loved your album @dendy. Great builds and releases. Thanks for sharing!
    @richardyot, you’ve done so much great stuff. This fits right in. Good crackles! You are indeed alive and diving.
    @Gravitas ... please post that track.
    @ipadmusic you borrowed @richardyot’s crackles! This had drive and serenity. Very cool around 2:00. Love the bass part.
    @distraub, good to hear from you. I listened to Pathogen. Great production and engaging.
    @SevenSystems made on Xequence (of course)? Like the recurring bouncing tingle at 2:25. Nicely done for a dev 😉

    @qryss, beauty from the first moment. Loved the guitarism.
    @auxmux, I liked the clarity and presence but it cut off around thirty seconds?
    @Tarekith very cool, diverse and grooved. Learning about you... married and secretive about your wrists.
    @Bootsy, splendid, up close and personal. Thanks for that. Nicely done by your bro, too.

    @AlterEgo_UK ... sorry, would not play for me.

    Listen more later. Thanks, all

  • @LinearLineman

    @SevenSystems made on Xequence (of course)? Like the recurring bouncing tingle at 2:25. Nicely done for a dev 😉

    Haha, thanks 😉 yes all made on Xequence's little evil DAW sister 🙂 so you know how it'll sound IF it's ready at some point 😄

  • edited October 2019

    So proud of it that I got it on Spotify and the rest. But the sound quality isn't as good as bandcamp. But iOS has no involvement on it. I feel I finally created a song with this one as good as one from several years ago (lots of others I really like, but I now have 2 that stand out to myself - and this one demonstrates substantial growth and confidence over the other that dates from before my iOS music making days).

  • Cant decide between these two:

  • Doesn’t have many plays but this is probably my favorite of my tracks,

  • This one goes way, way back. And I never get tired of it. Used a Yamaha EX5 for the piano sound.

  • This is the track where I feel like I finally "got" how to do music production on iOS.

  • @auxmux very tranquil track, worthy of a follow on insta

  • Thanks @dayton_mike. Ditto, good stuff.

    @LinearLineman Thanks, weird it should be 0:59 seconds per Instagram max length per post.

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