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can't add presets to animoog:10/2019 edition

I am trying to add the GD presets/timbres to my ipad from my PC. Hook the ipad into the pc, open itunes, see the ipad, go to file share, open animoog, see the presets and category folders..and now I am stuck.

according to what I read here, I should pull both folders out of the ipad and onto the pc desktop, put the GD folders into them, and put them back into the animoog. I cannot get the folders out of the file sharing window. I can pull the folders OFF the desktop and put them into the appropriate folders in the ipad, but they then revert to the root, and dont show up in Animoog. when I tried to pull the folders onto the pc desktop, I get an error code, a 0x followed by 10? 00's.

latest OS 12 on a 2017 ipad, win 7 premium on PC, latest itunes.


  • I’ve noticed this too on a Mac running the new os. I can’t copy anything to the preset folder.

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