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Rotary Mod by Eventide



  • Sunuvagun!

  • wow! so dope

  • Not sure if this is a update or desktop version.

  • The IOS version definitely received some new presets and a number of bug fixes yesterday.

  • Hi everybody. In case any fans of Rotary that also use desktop were curious, I wanted to let you know that we just released Rotary Mod for Mac/Windows. It's the same algorithm as the iOS version but the layout is slightly different. Try the 30-day fully-functional demo here:

  • Is this the typical release style of Eventide. I bought Rotary weeks ago and now there are release posts on news sites and intro pricing. Same thing happened with Micro Pitch. It got released, I paid full price, then within a week there was the mystery plugin coming campaign. Micro Pitch was then revealed with the intro price.

  • @Ailerom it was released for iOS seven months ago, I don't understand the problem

  • edited May 20

    No problem, just confusion.

    Intro offer? I already got it on the 19th of March 20 so how is this an intro offer?

    Same with Micro Pitch as stated above. Just seems weird to release a product at full price. Then some weeks later post on facebook that there is a new mystery product to be released which turns out to be something I already bought at full price which now has an introductory offer.

    Like I said, just confused. And if this is normal I'll wait a few weeks after they release a plugin for the official release and intro price.

  • @Ailerom +1 for sure

  • edited May 20

    The iOS version of Micro Pitch was released months ago before the recent release of the desktop version which currently has the intro price. The iOS version has been on sale since it was released. Rotary was free recently and is currently on sale (I think).

  • That maybe where I'm getting confused. Releases that are desktop and iOS but some time apart. Thanks.

  • It's easy to do, especially when IOS apps are almost exclusively released on desktop first.

  • @Ailerom said:
    No problem, just confusion.

    Intro offer? I already got it on the 19th of March 20 so how is this an intro offer?

    Rotary was set to free on the 17th of March, very generous of Eventide imo.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that iOS is getting these earlier and at significantly lower prices.

  • For anybody that might be confused, the intro special price is for the newly released desktop version (which goes back up to the regular price of $99 after June 21st). We also put Rotary iOS on sale to coincide with the release.

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