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Garageband flaws?



  • @Bachus said:
    So how does it compare to teh competition...
    I.e. Cubasis?

    In what ways? Both apps have features the other lacks.

    GB has a number of unique features no other app has.

    What do you want to do with the apps?

  • No keyboard animations in playback mode.
    No manual freezing of tracks (it’s automatic optimization kills workflow)
    Limited automation.
    No MIDI out.

  • no mixer view on channels

  • GB reassigns all incoming MIDI (from an external controller, at least) to MIDI channel 1.

  • Cubasis has the advantage that you can have midi FX but Garageband has better midi modulation (speeding up/slowing down, swing, reverse, transpose etc.) Garageband doesn't have MIDI AU FX yet, but it could someday. Garageband has better buildin sounds than Cubasis and a better sampler. Whether or not Garageband's Alchemy is better than Cubasis's Micrologue is up for debate, but my vote, unsurprisingly is with Alchemy.

    I use Garageband about as often as I use Gadget. The reason I like Gadget (besides all the beatboxes and synths it provides) is because of the scale aware step sequencer, and TBH the black/green colour scheme in GB doesn't wow me as much as Gadget's light blue or Cubasis's white.

    If I had to work with audio clips, I'd probably prefer to do it in Cubasis than Garageband because Cubasis has some better grid options. Cubasis does have good builtin sounds, as well as decent MIDI quantisation for recording. I find it's layout of tools in the piano roll unfriendly, but GB's tap popup menus aren't much better either.

    NS2 deserves some mention here as well. I still haven't dived deeply into it. I will when the dev updates the app to get audio tracks and there's an AU polyphony bug that makes using it a dealbreaker for me.

    Having all the apps, I try to use them all in even measure, and things that can't be easily done in one app can be done better in another.

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    @Bachus said:
    So how does it compare to teh competition...
    I.e. Cubasis?

    To sum it up...

    • GarageBand is a fun app
    • Cubasis is an easy-to-use app
    • Auria is a powerful app

    There is a TON of fun to be had in GB and Cubasis. GB's Drums, Drummer, Beat Sequencer, Loops, Live Loops, Sound Library, Smart Instruments, Alchemy, Jam Session... are the best on iOS and fun. It is free and so, doesn't hurt to have it.

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