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miRack Patch Share

edited September 2019 in General App Discussion

I'm super excited about miRack coming out, thanks @mifki!

Wanted to create a thread to share patches and patch ideas, separate from the app discussion.

Since I'm new to modular as well, I'm keeping the architecture of my patches relatively simple.

In this patch, I structured things somewhat like a Roland SH101: single oscillator, a vcf, no filter envelope, vca with amp envelope. I also included a delay and a spring reverb. The sound goes through compressor before hitting the audio outputs. Dropbox link below.

There are also two midi modules. One for notes input and another Midi to CC module for controlling cv/parameters of different modules. Here, two points are patched to CV inputs on the oscillator to shape the sound. Just change the source on the top midi module to play with an external controller. In the video, I'm using Velocity Keyboard over Bluetooth from another iPad.

There's a keyboard module as well for playing the patch from within miRack. Just change the cv/gate outputs from the midi input module to the outputs here. Scopes are good for visuals. :)

Dropbox link:

This patch is called - Simple Harmonics

Download the zip file of the patch and unzip it in Audioshare and then open the mrk file in miRack.

Long term, @mifki will long for a better solution.



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