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Rhapsody In Black And White / Piano solo

edited September 2019 in Creations

Ravenscroft 275 once more. I had overload problems Shimmering this for some reason. But, rather ok with TB reverb and some stereo widening.


  • Maravilloso (Wonderful).

  • This is a re-mix of the "Synth Rhapsody" right? I got excited thinking you had access to your keyboard again but it looks like your still re-mixing from the vault.

  • Correct @McD, it was more embellished but actually works better solo. Took me a day of remixing to realize that.

    Thank you @fjcblanco. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • How beautiful, that just made my morning. Thanks, mate!

  • @sch.. thanks so much. It is not such a small thing to be able to make someone’s morning! Your pleasure gives my life meaning. Truly.

    @[Deleted User], thanks but miss the bon mot descriptive! Maybe.... cozy?

  • @LinearLineman i didn't want to express my true feelings this time 🥰

  • @[Deleted User], thanks, buddy. Keep those feelings to yourself till you just can't help it. Then make a great track! I appreciate the loan of your ears.😉

  • This is suiting my mood perfectly at the moment - pensive, quiet - requiring just enough attention to stay engaged but not so much that I can't float along with it.

    Well done, sir. I don't know if I heard the other version but this is quite nice - I don't hear you searching and that makes this all the more purposeful.

  • Thank you @Daveypoo. You and @McD like it organized and rational. I can do that...sometimes.😉

  • Niiiiiice vibes. I think TB reverb could be the best all in one reverb on the app store.

  • I really like this - very refined, relaxing and pensive. You must have been feeling very mellow when playing this. Would I be wrong to put this down to practiced improvisation?. I have actually played this a few times over the past two days at different times of the day and it certainly delights me every time. Thank you.

  • Thank you @ion677, agreed on TB reverb.

    @Jomodu, that is very gratifying that you listened a few times. Much appreciated! I can't actually remember how I felt playing this, but generally there is some small anxiety that goes on with me cause of the recording. Just part of the general noise I shove to the side as much as possible. I guess you could say it is "practiced" improvisation in that, like most jazzers, I have a vocabulary that identifies my style. The trick is to let that vocabulary arise rather than just plugging in musical phrases as an intellectual exercise. Only the former allows for something genuine to surface, while the latter is just repetition. Thanks for listening!

  • That was very soothing to my mind during my lunchbreak. Thank you, nicely played.

  • @Elvisthenrodent, so kind of you to let me know. Thanks!

  • Is Ravenscroft your favorite piano on iOS, @LinearLineman? Or it’s just for a specific kind of song?

  • If I only had one, yes @theconnactic. But, you’re right, it doesn’t always work best. Sometimes the Cubasis acoustic is right. I like Module AmD and BeatHawk Acoustic grand as well. Those are all I ever use unless it is the onboard Shigeru from my Kawai.

  • Did you ever try the Salamander?

  • @theconnactic, nope, but I understand it to be very good.

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