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Hello From Eye0sStudios...... New Account New track details in post.

Hey all!!! This is Charlie or Eye0sstudios now back to days of old Ner0zMuzik. Lots of pain in my life lately.... Wife Diagnosed with breast cancer and my dog has lymphoma. My wifes outlook is very positive, but my old buddy for the past 10 years is short for this world. anyway... I have rededicated to stop just doing noodles and loops and get back to making full tracks. I have learned a lot about life in the past month and what is important to me. Obviously my wife and daughters come first, but I also need to take care of my self... in all areas of my life. I want to be able to take care of my family. So part of this is for me to stop procrastinating on tracks and just finish them.

So I am rebooting.... going back to a very old username and moving forward. This track was started in iOS with all the great tools that it has availed me. I took the stems and moved it back to desktop to work in Ableton which is brand new to me.

Anyway this is me saying goodbye to my dog Gus.... he wont be around much longer, but he will be spoiled to the end.

Sorry for long post..... this is the best Music Forum I have been involved with in 20 yrs.



  • Wow, Charlie. Good luck with all you're facing. I hope I have half the grace you are showing if I were ever in a position similar to yours. The song, which sounds is elegiac and could be a Vangelis/Bladerunner outtake, is a great start. (And what a bold title, considering your dog.)
    Best of luck.

  • Hey man, I am crushed reading this. Don’t have words for you... I hope you will receive much and all the strength you need to carry through....!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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    I enjoyed that. It sounds like your dog has had a good life with you as his owner.

  • Sorry to hear of your woes. I hope everything works out as best as can be. Great track, too.

  • Great sounds. Life meets death. Best for your wife. Glad it’s looking positive.

  • Thanks guys. I will say that the past 45 days have had its ups and downs. Some days are better then others. Funny thing I know in my heart my wife will be OK but its been some real hard days with Gus.

    Anyway I have learned a lot about myself and and age of 53.... another life lesson. :-).

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    Really nice atmosphere! Enjoyed it a lot!

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