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61 key Wireless MIDI Keyboards

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding 61 key MIDI controllers with Bluetooth connectivity?

I'm finding there aren't a lot of options, however the Korg microKey Air is looking fairly appealing. It appears to have very similar keys/action to the Korg microSampler, which I'm familiar with and find surprisingly responsive and comfortable to play (as someone with stubby fingers).

Key features I prefer are Pitch/Mod wheels and optional sustain pedal.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


  • I think the microkey is where you want to be if you’re okay with that smaller key size. I have the 49 and it is great!

  • Any keyboard you like and one of the Yamaha BT adaptors

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    @BiancaNeve said:
    Any keyboard you like and one of the Yamaha BT adaptors


    I use the Yamaha MDBT01 with a 61 key Novation X-Station. Great combo. These are brilliant midi controllers with a nice action. Can be picked up quite reasonably 2nd hand.

  • Thanks for the quick feedback!

    @mjcouche I've seen lots of good reviews for the 49, especially when paired with iPad. The negative comments I've seen were mostly pertaining to BT connections with Windows10, which is not part of my workflow anyway.

    @BiancaNeve @SpookyZoo The MDBT01 is great, I use it with the Korg microSampler for a 37 key controller. I've used it with a Roland S-10 with decent results too. There are a couple of keyboard synths I've considered, however they're usually in the $350-$600 range for anything with 61 keys. The $175-$225 range is more within my budget at the moment. In a dream world I'd be looking at a Nord Electro B)

    I should note, another thing I really find appealing about the microKey is the fact that it can run on 2 AA batteries and doesn't weigh too much. The idea of having a 5 octave keyboard that pairs with my phone and can be carried easily is exciting to me.

  • I have Korg Micro Key Air (61 keys) and it works great . Keys are small but not a problem .Unless you really really need or want full size keys for your purposes.

  • @MeatWalrus Thanks for the feedback.
    Have you by chance tried it with a device running iOS 13 or iPadOS beta yet? My nanoKey Studio no longer syncs with the iPhone over Bluetooth on iOS 13. Now I’m worried that iPadOS will also have this issue, but I don’t want to try it on my iPad and risk losing functionality.

  • @3sleeves I have the Microkey Air 49 and I'm on iOS 13 on my iPhone 8 plus. No issues at all connecting to bluetooth. Have you used midimittr or another app like that?

  • @mjcouche I went ahead and installed iPadOS on my iPad mini, the nanoKey studio connects like usual. On iOS 13 on iPhone SE the nanoKey studio is discoverable only inside BLE-MIDI, MidiMittr, and BLE Scanner apps, but never connects properly even when it says it’s connected in those apps. The iOS Settings only show the nanoKey Studio when BLE Scanner app is running, when that app is closed the device is invisible in Settings.
    I’m at a complete loss now, there is no rhyme or reason to this as far as I can tell. Not sure why it connects as usual to the iPad, seems unlikely the Bluetooth Settings would be coded differently between iOS 13 and iPadOS.

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    Further weirdness, Module Pro on iPhone prompts me to connect to the device but never connects, the device remains unseen in the iOS Settings. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the Korg BLE-MIDI app and Module Pro, restarted phone and device, toggled Bluetooth on/off...same issue. I’ve emailed Korg, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for a response...they’ve only ever replied to one of the many tech support request emails I’ve sent in the last decade and it read like an automated response (fill in the blanks type of reply).

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    Even further weirdness, the nanoKey Studio connects via USB (using USB3 CCK and battery power).
    Still it is undiscoverable in iOS Settings under Bluetooth.

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