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Mix or Remix / Any improvement?

Well, I will put my neck on the editing block (anachronism). Have I learned a damn thing? Here is my original track from February, followed by a remix done on a ferry boat to Istanbul just now.
Different? The same? Better? Worse? Please let me have it both barrels! I think the remix is better... but if not you are saving me a lot of time remixing! I will explain what I did later, but know it is a remix from the stereo audio mixdown, not from the original project. I hope this may be informative to those struggling like myself to get a better result. Thanks.


  • @LinearLineman I think the remix was an improvement, but only barely (it’s great to start with). I almost think I couldn’t hear a difference, but the remix seemed a little louder/fuller, and the little pauses seemed less abrupt. Subtle though, and could just be my imagination based on the suggestion of a remix.

  • Thanks @audiorangutan. I increased the stereo width by duplicating the audio track panning one left and one right, inserted UltraMaximizer from Waves on both tracks, two different EQs from ToneBusters EQ (more bass on the left), and sent ToneBusters Reverb to both tracks. I added a third track right in the middle and rode the volumes as the track progressed, pushing the treble and bass parts when they were more featured and fattening the whole at times by boosting the center track.

    It sounds like I did a lot! But, I agree, the difference is not so dramatic. Hopefully there will be some other opinions. Thank you for taking the time to listen. Much appreciated!

  • @LinearLineman I forgot to mention that I was listening with earbuds in the lunchroom with ambient noise. I listened again here at home on monitors and the difference is more obvious. I definitely like the remix best. That’s a creative setup!
    You create a great dramatic, cinematic feel with this piece. I’m curious to know what apps you use for the instrument and choir sounds? If you would share more of your techniques with me... 🙏

  • I think the remix is a big improvement:

    there is a much richer bass tone
    the music seems to be placed in a large room with extra width and depth
    bells around 2:15 sound like the real deal in the remix and like buzzy synth bells in the orig
    the strings sound more real in the remix too

    I agree that knowing it's a remix might influence judgement a bit but I lined the 2 up in the Sound Cloud page and compared numerous short sections and the remix was alway an improvement. I think the process you applied is worth repeating on anything that sounds a little bit too 2 dimensional.

    I think that ToneBusters Reverb is best in class. Very subtle application here. I've been drenching may last 5 projects on ToneBoosters reverbs. Especially, the Shimmers.

    I should also pick up their EQ but I must admit I love the FabFilter Multiband Compressor app use to dial in an amazing amount of EQ controls in 5-6 bands. Did you lick up the Bark Filter app and try the Triband preset with Limiter on yet?

    Good to see you haven't let the lack of keyboard access time stop you from being creative dong remixes and composing with Fugue Machine.

    REALLY GOOD PIECE OF MUSIC TOO, by the way. Very cinematic indeed.

  • @audiorangutan, here is my original description back in Feb 2019...

    No pianos! Improvised using a Kauldron patch. A beautiful AK Synth 1 ARP, Synthscaper le, NeoSoul Keys, Beathawk Oboes, Double Bass, Female Choir and iSymphonic Strings. Cubasis, as always, my trusty companion.

  • @LinearLineman Very good! So you are spreading the parts out across different apps. It sounds like the Beathawk instruments are serviceable? Seems odd to me, it being a groovebox? You probably don’t use the sequencer part?

  • Exactly, @audiorangutan, BeatHawk is great as a sound module for me. Some great acoustics including Mallets, Choirs, Acoustic Piano, etc.

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