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Mu-Tron III emulator? ie decent envelope filter

Suggestions please for best app to get me a vintage phat squawky envelope filter.
I have one in ToneStack but keen for something which is AU.
Something tells me I should be able to do this with FAC Envolver and JAF Collection (both of which I have).


  • subarbytes WoW, but a Mu-tron....

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    Wow isn’t AU unfortunately.
    I was kinda hoping GM iFX would have this covered but their auto-wah is just LFO based.

  • Audio Damage Filterstation 2 has a good envelope tracker and I know it has a bunch of great filter algorithms. It’s not a straight MuTron emulation but it’s definitely a solid filter, and the distortion and LFO are nice to have as well.

  • +1 for
    Audio Damage Filterstation 2

  • @TimRussell said:
    Suggestions please for best app to get me a vintage phat squawky envelope filter.

    SF-1 ( Kai Aras ) is the most accurate when it comes to emulating the envelope following circuit. The envelope follower seems to be the part that's difficult to get right in software. The filters in SF-1 are very nice as well.

    When the Jaf Collection was released, I contacted the developer to request an envelope follower. Apparently it's planned. If other members request this feature, it might be a reminder for Jens.

    We also need a side chain input, like the lovetone meatball and Sherman filterbank. ( trigger the envelope follower with a drum machine, while playing guitar, synth, etc. )

    Sugarbytes Wow was the closest until SF-1 was released. Wow2 required a lot of fiddling to get close to the mutron3 sound. SF-1 is easier and more accurate wrt the envelope following.

    Filterstation has some useful features, but doesn't work very accurately as an envelope controlled filter ( ala mutron3 and its variants ). The filters sound ok.

  • I use FAC Envolver to track the envelope, then just pick whatever filter I want - Filterstation, Wow, etc.

    Takes a bit to dial it in if you're picky as I am, but works just fine.

  • Been trying to work out how to do this but am yet to get it to work (using JAF)
    @Daveypoo any chance of a brief idiots’ guide?

    @frond SF-1 sounds promising, and wouldn’t be the first time Kai Aras has come to the rescue in my search for a decent old school funky effect (their RM-1 met my need for a decent, analog sounding ring mod).

  • I have a few videos I have to film this weekend - I'll see if I can squeeze in a quickie ;)

  • @TimRussell

    i love the RM-1 as well. closest thing that ios has to a true analogue diode ring modulator!

    the SF-1 is much easier ( and less cpu ), than the envolver method. the FAC envolver allows you to explore sidechain effects ( and other techniques ) though.

    i like SF-1 almost as much as cytomic the drop ( desktop only ).

    if Daveypoo doesn't get to the FAC envolver example vid, i'll post a pic.

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    I got SF-1. Sounds really good but doesn’t seem to be possible to adjust the input sensitivity (ie velocity threshold at which the filter opens, if that’s the correct terminology!) which is a bit disappointing. Unless I’m missing something..?

  • @TimRussell

    which ios version are you using?

    i first used SF-1 with 12.3.x. i recently updated to ios 12.4.1.

    just ran SF-1 and it seems to be working differently in ios 12.4.1. sometimes the ui interface draws in an unusual way. i'll contact the developer to clarify. will let you know what he says.

    the auv3 version isn't allowing me to access the part that you see on the bottom of this IAA pic;

    in the next pic i've circled the areas that you want to adjust for envelope controlled filtering. control the amplitude ( audio input ), the amplitude will trigger the envelope opening ( less amplitude = less open ), env > filter A and B = how much the envelope moves the filter cutoff ( positively or negatively ). your terms; sensitivity, threshold, or velocity all make sense to me :smile:

    there is a different way to accomplish this with the auv3; use the touch control x/y. choose the settings i've circled in white.

    choosing the serial setting can make things a little less predictable, and more like an original mutron 3, or my fave the pax mute box. a little post saturation, or subtle waveshaping can get you very close to the sound of hardware.

  • AD Filterstation is great but you have to take about the right input signal level. If it's too low, the envelope follower won't work as intended, as there's no gain boost available.

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