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Rocksmith USB Tone Cable as guitar “interface”

Not sure if this is well known but I recently discovered that you can use the Rocksmith RealTone USB cable combined with the CCK. It’s a 1/4” to USB cable that is used for the Rocksmith game, but it is a very fast way to connect a guitar to your iPhone/iPad. I’m not prepared to comment on latency etc but I didn’t really notice any issues.

It’s a pretty cheap way to connect your guitar - I think it’s about $35 USD.


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    There’s ton of knock off 1/4 to USB cable on for 12~16$ might be a even cheaper option. Ymmv.

  • @ecou said:
    There’s ton of knock off 1/4 to USB cable on for 12~16$ might be a even cheaper option. Ymmv.

    I tried one of the really cheap ones and it was not worth it at any price. I had the official
    Rocksmith Product and it seemed useable. I gave it to my daughter so I might try one again because it would be the simplest (i.e. least amount of parts to carry about). I have the really old headphone jack iRig (though I have misplaced it recently) and the newer iRig HD. The older one is still on amazon for $9.39... glad I checked. I'm going to pick up a couple. I just velcro an iPhone to the guitar and velcro one of these and plug my headphones right into the iRig and I can use Amp Sim's and AUM/FX on the iPhone. Since it uses the headphone I can also velcro a USB battery to the guitar and keep the phone running for hours. I can take walks and play backing tracks or iReal Pro and practice anywhere. The guitar cable to the iRig just needs to be at least 6 inches. I can also use the iRig to connector a condenser mic to the iPhone. I never tested using both USB iRig and headphone jack iRig at the same time for Mic and Guitar input.

  • Maybe the Behringer one would work well. It about 20$

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