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Legendary RnB Singer, “Cunnie Williams”...

Hi Guys... Just to share with you all... If any of you remember “Cunnie Williams”?.. He had a hit back in the day, with Mousse T, with “Saturday”.... Well, a little while ago, he asked me to make a track for him. So I did... Then ended 4 songs... This is the first one to be released... First one is coming out soon... It got a good review from the famous, “Kings of Spin”... So I would like to share with you all... All I can say I’m chuffed, as this guy, I bought his music back in the day, & now we’ve become good friends & done some music together.. More later on at some point.. YEAH!.....

This was his famous house track “Saturday”... But he’s likes more RnB/Motown sort of music... A real nice fella...



  • Congrats Mister Studs. Even better that he's a nice fellah....

  • @JohnnyGoodyear said:
    Congrats Mister Studs. Even better that he's a nice fellah....

    thanks mate.. ;)

  • “Saturday” was an absolute tune! Congrats!!!

  • @thatguysmitty said:
    “Saturday” was an absolute tune! Congrats!!!

    Thanks mate.. He told me that there were a load of Producers trying to get his attention.. But there music failed for him to like.. This is the first one we did.. There are 2 more tracks to be released + a remix of one of then I did.. A NU Bossa House/Disco Mix... But I don’t know when they will be released..All I know thats it’s all signed between us all.. He CW want more material.. So when this heat here in Cyprus has cooled down a tad, I’ll write some more tracks..

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