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Rooms AUv3 (IR loader)

How is the release of this by @polaron_de still not being talked about? An AUv3 IR loader! For $3! IAA is dying! This is the new way!


  • wimwim
    edited September 2019

    Didn’t know it was out.
    AppStore link, pretty please? I can’t find it with the friggin AppStore search.

    [edit] nvm, found it with Google
    Rooms! - Audio Recorder by Markus Sigg

  • It's great! Definitely worth it.

  • Rooms! - Audio Recorder von Markus Sigg

    @wim said:
    Didn’t know it was out.
    AppStore link, pretty please? I can’t find it with the friggin AppStore search.

  • wimwim
    edited September 2019

    Took a bit to figure out how to do the IAP for the AU and how to import impulse responses, but I like it very much.

    To do the IAP, open the standalone app, then go to the “Action” menu, which is the export-looking icon at the top right.

    To get the factory supplied impulse responses go to parameters > convolution and open the Action menu at the bottom-left and select Download IR Set.

    For other impulses, you can either download a zip file from this same menu, or if you have a URL to a zip file download, you can do that here too. Otherwise, copy IR’s or zip files to the app’s folder in the files app, then go to the files page and select Copying / Importing from the Action menu at the top-right.

  • Thanks for opening this thread. I would like to add links to the AUv3-related help pages:


  • Wow this is cool! I think a lot of people were expecting such an AU convolution reverb. Now it's here!!

    Where can I find extra free and good IR files ?

  • @polaron_de How long responses at max are supported ?

  • @dendy said:
    @polaron_de How long responses at max are supported ?

    When you copy single files with the Files view of Rooms!, there is a limit of 60 seconds. When you extract an archive, there is no length check. What can be handled, depends on the device, on the buffer duration (longer is better), and on the needs of other apps. Example: iPad Mini 5, AUM as host. With IR length of 1.5 seconds, AUM reports a load of 25% with 256 frames buffer size, 5% with 1024 frames buffer size. With IR length of 9 seconds, AUM reports about 55% with 256 frames, 25% with 1024 frames.

  • It looks like it is convolution day...(see Gospel Musicians thread)...we are so spoiled...

  • Rooms! is wonderful!

    finally took a moment to figure out how to load my own ir's in and it sounds wonderful.

    @polaron_de Thank you very much for bringing this into the world.

  • Rooms! with OwnHammer 500 millisecond IR's is so good for better guitar recordings and live playing.

    Now I need to find IR's that improve other App use cases.

    It was great to learn (on another thread) that the Rooms! developer (@polaron_de) had multi-threading working to improve the resource use of his/our application because I'm going to want to run a lot of copies I suspect going forward. Addings Rooms! to any channel strip will probably improve it's sonic fidelity and realism.

  • Shes ugly but sounds pretty good

  • wimwim
    edited September 2019

    Function over Form. I do not mind a bit. Just what I need and no more. This is one of the most useful apps I have (talking about the AU IR loader, not the standalone that I don't use).

  • Yeah. It is really good.

  • If you wanted to make some IR's I think the standalone is a real gem and worth checking out.
    This sounds like a job for one of the YouTude App educators: @Daveypoo or @AudioGus or @jakoB_haQ or maybe you dear reader. It's a way to make an extra $25 for hours of work. A "How to NOT get rich quick" type of assignment. The only way to get rich quick is to make videos teaching suckers to get rich quick.

  • Got this a while back but only used it this weekend.
    Applied the ‘French 18th century Salon’ preset (in the free Voxengo 1 pack) to the send bus in Cubasis for a gentle acoustic type recording.
    Wow! Am thoroughly converted.

  • Its terrific for guitar amp cabinet IR's as well.

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