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HyperSpace & Nexy - 2 TriqTraq..tracks ;)

edited January 2014 in Creations

Hi guys!

Here's 2 electronic tracks I made using TriqTraq. Hyperspace is fast paced, while Nexy is a bit calmer ;). I finished these tracks last year, each took a few days, but have been mixing & tweaking them in Auria on & off for a while. Both tracks use a lot of filter automation & delay automation & were really fun to make :) Enjoy! <3

Thanks again for allowing me to share with you, lots of love! <3


  • Like those.
    Imported sounds?....or all from tt?

  • Hi commonstookie,

    99% all TT. Nexy is all TT's samples. In Hyperspace the kick & snare were swapped with some from DM1, also the crescendo like sweep near the end is just the track being played through Auria's Pianoverb effect in freeze mode. Having said that, there was quite a lot of EQing, compression, & saturation, so Auria is doing a lot of work! But the samples are from TT.

    Thanks again for listening, all the best! <3

  • I like both, but I think Nexy is the best!

  • Hi fjcblanco,
    Thanks for listening & appreciation! I really enjoyed making them both <3
    All the best! <3

  • I like, thank you!

  • Thanks for listening yaknepper :) I'm glad you liked! <3

  • My fave is 'Hyperspace'.

  • Hi Brain, Thanks for the listen :) All the best! <3

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