Demo of all my favorite apps on one iPad

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Here's a dubstep demo, this is a live jam on one iPad, with a few other iOS devices as controllers (using MIDI Designer Pro)

My favorite parts:

Of course, Audiobus and Loopy are magic

Animoog just makes amazing sounds

Midi designer pro can Map a MIDI cc to the x/y accelerometers ;) on my iPod touch

Magellan for fx! this is a poor demo, but it has potential since its fully MIDI mappable.

***Oh yeah, turn down your volume and don't take me too serious. ...Just having fun here


  • You forgot the link lol

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    Nah, man, it's right there on the next tab in chrome... Oh ... Yeah I guess you're right ;)

  • Nice. Good job. That riff was awesome. loved it. you know the one.

  • That is EXCELLENT! Mind posting all of the gear and apps that you'Ve used for this? I'm trying to figure it out...

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    From the YouTube description...

    • Animoog for iPad is the sound source: every sound (except for bass, snare, hi-hat) was created live in Animoog, looped into Loopy HD
      Go get Animoog
      And Loopy HD

    • all sounds come from one iPad, recorded internally via Loopy HD app and Audiobus app. Loopy recorded the session and I uploaded it directly to soundcloud, no edits.

    • MIDI Designer Pro gives additional controls via virtual MIDI/ wifi MIDI on an iPod touch and a second iPad. Also MIDI Designer Pro uses the accelerometer on the iPod to affect Animoog's xy pad. It's a stellar app.
      Get it:
      ** Disclaimer: this is dubstep. **
      It gets ... filthy, TURN WAY DOWN the volume before 2:30 unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

    • Magellan for iPad added some fx on the hi hats, via Audiobus.

    • Molten Drums was used for drum samples triggered by the drum pads made in MIDI Designer Pro
    • The whole recording was a 15 minute jam... yep, it got boring so I trimmed down to 5 minutes. sorry the video doesn't match audio by the end.

    if you really care for the full app list:

    main iPad2:
    Animoog for iPad
    MIDI Designer Pro
    Loopy HD
    Magellan for iPad
    Molten Drums

    second iPad2:
    MIDI Designer Pro - custom Loopy HD controller via MIDI

    iPodTouch 3G:
    MIDI Designer Pro - x/y axis accelerator enabled MIDI controls and faders to Animoog

  • Nice track...

  • Thanks everyone. And I've stumped the Audiobus guru! Now that's an accomplishment ;) I should have left in a few seconds of the audiobus setup screen for you guys. Seriously though, who would have though this could be done with zero external hardware, other than my earbuds, lol! Audiobus amazes me.

    Also, you guys might like to know, it was taxing the main iPad 2 pretty good. I posted the first pass that didn't crash one of the MIDI connections or lose the audio on Molten drums. Next time I might try DM1 for my drums to see if it keeps up better.

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