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Listing of all the commonly used abbreviations and acronyms with their meanings?

I'll try and list at least some of the ones I see, but there are so many I get confuselated, maybe there is a list of them somewhere? Sorry for the newbishness.


And that's simply a quick glance at a few posts, while keeping to just the first station of the alphabet.



  • _ki_ki
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    Good question - best i'll write my answer into the forum wiki.

    The first batch of entries can now be found at commonly used abbreviations , others can just add to the table :)


    (I just had a glance at topics of the first 10 forum pages)

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    ABF = AudioBus Forum
    AB = AudioBus (This very forum's eponymous app!)
    AU = Audio Unit (a plugin format for Mac and iOS)
    AUM = Audio Mixer. An app.
    AUv3 = Audio Unit version 3 (a plugin format for iOS; v3 is the current/latest version)
    IAA = Inter App Audio. A technology developed by Apple to route audio and MIDI signals between various iOS apps. Increasingly becoming legacy as AUv3 is rising to become the new standard.

    smh (shaking my head)
    jk (just kidding)


  • Don’t forget BS.

  • Thanks so much, I guess I should start collecting the b's and the c's... but how the hell do you recall all of them unless you use them all with great regularity? Does everyone on this forum work in IT for a living and thus excessive and constantly changing jargon is par for the course?

  • I just make mine up..
    iS iF BH CB RC275 and so on down the road. But don't forget the most important, RAM! lol.

  • You gotta watch this, it will help

  • People keep recommending GTFO to me, but it doesn't seem to be in the App Store.

  • You've been chastened Mr. Chasteen.

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    The greatest sound ever

    MIDI musical instrument digital interface
    is a technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related audio devices for playing, editing and recording music.

    CCK camera connection kit
    It’s just a fucking dongle not a “kit” - 🙄 marketing

    PC program change
    Patch Change, a type of MIDI message used for sending data to devices to cause them to change to a new program. Program Changes messages are channelized so they will only affect a device on a specific MIDI channel

  • BM2/BM3 - Beatmaker 2 &3 (apps)
    NS2 - Nanostudio 2

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    Dupe post.

  • @JeffChasteen said:
    People keep recommending GTFO to me, but it doesn't seem to be in the App Store.

    Maybe you should RTFM.

  • I added all contributions (and several more) to the Wiki Page

  • Extricate the quadruped from the vehicle
    And constabulate it into something nutritious.
    And, when the aurora rises in the heavens,
    I will return and compensate thee amply.

  • CC - Control Change
    CV - Control Voltage
    LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator
    OSC - Oscillator
    VCA - Voltage Controlled Amplifier
    VCF - Voltage Controlled Filter

  • @Daveypoo CC and other midi command (AT, PB, PC) are already in the wiki - i'll add the synth related stuff in about 5 hours (also ADSR, ENV, SEQ, ARP, MOD) if nobody else adds them :)

  • UI, GUI, UX... User Interface. Too lazy to find out the other two, but I think they’re the same and that works for me.

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    BRILLO - Kind of pad, very bright. :#

  • Done, all suggestions are added to the wiki page :)

    The table now contains 43 music related and 5 general abbreviations.


    @Lady_App_titude Okay, okay - i'll water the horse ;)
    (i didn't know that one, had to google the back story)

  • Good work @_ki. Thanks for doing that.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    UI, GUI, UX... User Interface. Too lazy to find out the other two, but I think they’re the same and that works for me.

    GUI = graphical user interface.

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    Edited 27/8/2019 with short descriptions and Wikipedia links for @_ki

    Sound Synthesis Types:

    VA - Virtual Analog aka Analog Physical Modeling Subtractive Synthesis. [See Nord Lead, Yamaha AN1x, etc.].

    WTS - Wavetable Synthesis - Sound source is a digital table of single-cycle or very short waveforms. Table may be swept by a modulator. [See PPG Wave, Waldorf Microwave, Ensoniq Fizmo].

    S&S or S+S - Sample-based Synthesis - Sound source are samples (short audio recordings), which are fed into a basic synthesis engine. [See Roland D50, Korg M1, EMU & Akai samplers].

    DWS - Digital Wave Synthesis - Sound source is a single-cycle waveform or sample, not a wavetable. Can be labeled as S&S. [See Korg DW8000, Roland D50, Korg M1].

    PCM - Pulse Code Modulation - Basis of S&S and DWS synths or ROMplers, using PCM samples as sound sources.

    VS - Vector Synthesis - Complex sound created by cross-fading between sound sources or oscillators. [See Sequential Circuits Prophet-VS, Yamaha SY35, Korg Wavestation].

    ADD - Additive Synthesis - Multiple sine waves (Sines are basic; not complex) are added together at different times to produce complex waveforms. [See Kawai K5, Camel Audio Cameleon5000].

    SUB - Subtractive Synthesis - Complex sound sources or oscillators rich in harmonics are sent into a filter that carves the sound, subtracting harmonics. [Most analog synths and ROMplers use this form of synthesis].

    PM - Phase Modulation - Basis of the original Yamaha FM synthesizers.

    PD - Phase Distortion - Similar to Yamaha FM (Phase Modulation) except the modulator is hard-synced at the same frequency as its carrier, modulating each cycle identically, rather than having it's own period. [See Casio CZ and VZ series].

    KPS - Karpus Strong Synthesis - Noise is fed into very short tuned delay lines to create sound, instead of samples.–Strong_string_synthesis

    DWGS - Digital Waveguide Synthesis - Advanced KPS, precursor to Physical Modeling. [Not DWS or Korg 'DWGS'].

    PM - Physical Modeling - Sound generated using computer models of physical objects or the parts that make up a musical instrument.

    Computer/iPad Related:
    ROM - Read-Only Memory (Non-volatile memory, as used to store factory samples in ROMplers).
    RAM - Random Access Memory (Volatile memory, as used for user samples in Akai samplers).
    SSD - Solid-State Drive
    DSP - Digital Signal Processor
    DAC - Digital-to-Analog Converter
    ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter

    Manufacturer Proprietary:
    SWAM - Audio Modeling 'Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling'.
    RCM - Yamaha 'Real-Time Convulsion Modulation' - Yamaha PCM+Advanced FM Synthesis [See Yamaha SY77, TG77].
    AN - Yamaha 'Analog Physical Modeling' [See Yamaha AN1x, EX5, AN200].
    LA - Roland 'Linear Arithmetic Synthesis' - early Roland S&S ROMplers [See Roland D50].
    VL - Yamaha 'Virtual Acoustic Physical Modeling' - [See Yamaha VL1, EX5, VL70m].
    VAST - Kurzweil 'Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology' - [See Kurzweil K2000].
    FDSP - Yamaha 'Formulated Digital Sound Processing' - Yamaha's take on VAST [See Yamaha EX5].
    DWGS - Korg 'Digital Waveform Generator System' [See Korg DW8000].

    KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid
    PCMCIA - People Can't Memorize Computer-Industry Acronyms

  • _ki_ki
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    @StudioES Wow, long list and many new candidates - I'll add them tomorrow, but it will take some time to find good short definitions and/or wikipedia link for each.

    Only a few of these (MPE, AM,FM,RM ) were already in the table. Some like ROM, RAM, SSD seem more computer than audio or music related. BTW: I never heard or read ADD as abbreviation for additive synthesis, but it probabbly won't hurt adding it.

  • ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder caused by programming Additive synths. :# But you're right, it's just shortened.
    I can post short definitions here. Will eliminate what's already in the AB Wiki

  • You forgot CBT, it takes a bit of time to get used to but the results are life changing 🙂

  • @_ki said:
    Done, all suggestions are added to the wiki page :)

    The table now contains 43 music related and 5 general abbreviations.


    @Lady_App_titude Okay, okay - i'll water the horse ;)
    (i didn't know that one, had to google the back story)

    We used to memorize little phrases like that (and stuff like Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics) and recite them as fast as possible, just to be pedantic and annoying to grownups when we needed to be. Another one was:

    "If the fresh skin of an animal, cleaned and divested of hair, fat, and other extraneous matter, be immersed in a dilute solution of tannic acid, a chemical combination ensues. The gelatinous tissue of the skin is converted into an imputrescible substance, impervious to, and insoluble in, water. This, sir, is leather. "


  • @_ki I edited my post above, adding short descriptions and Wikipedia links.

  • I’ve actually got a PCMCIA wireless card, found it when I cleaned house :smiley:

    I must rush to the museum and donate it :wink:

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