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n00b question. ED MIDI OUT to Funk Drummer?

Hello ! i have a really "simple" question.

I tried to use Elastic Drums MIDI Out to trigger Funk Drummer sounds. I connect them in AUM Matrix and nothing happend.

Any tip to do that ?

Thanks ! big fan of this forum and community


  • Make sure it’s sending GM on channel 10 and I’m Funk Drummer place it as Sound module. Hope it works😀

  • Elastic Drums MIDI Out notes are mapped as follows:
    1 C1
    2 C#1
    3 D1
    4 Eb1
    5 E1
    6 F1

    You need to map those notes in Funk Drummer to the sounds you need.
    Elastic Drums MIDI Out note C1 -> FD Kick
    Elastic Drums MIDI Out note C#1 -> FD Snare
    Elastic Drums MIDI Out note D1 -> FD Hats
    etc, etc

    As far as I know, there is no default mapping that works, you need to map it in Funk Drummer MIDI Settings page.

  • Ohhh .... ok !! I will try with that ! Thankssssssss

  • Mmmmm no, maybe i'm doing something wrong but ...

    MIDI Channel 10 in both apps

    trig0,trig1,etc.. from ED start in MIDI Note 36 ( midi note 0 is C0 ? )

    Funk Drummer MIDI Config with ED in MIDI IN ..... nothing happend

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