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New track.what could i do?

edited August 2019 in Creations

I use synthmaster player,ifretless bass,synth platinum,tf8,galileo2,soft drummer,streetlytron pro,geoshred,factory, and that ‘s all,i think!


  • Beauty build. How long did this take you? I hope you can agree to @rs2000s request. Careful, though... you got some melody in there!

  • edited August 2019

    I dig the groove right away. I would work on the arrangement - and I don't mean Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus, etc. I mean the instrumentation - take some instruments out at point, change the timbre of something by adding a bit of phase, throw in a part where the drums drop out, or maybe you squeeze the whole mix to sound like it's coming through a telephone...

    When I'm mixing, I like to start dropping out instruments throughout as I hate to have everything playing all the time. Bringing instruments in and taking others out helps add movement to a track without having MORE STUFF in there (hopefully that makes sense).

    You could add a strong melody on top to give it focus, or solo over it - but those are obvious choices that it sounds to me like you avoided deliberately.

    You've got the makings of something great here - be a bit more adventurous with the arrangement and it'll really bring this track to life.

  • Or - you can send it to me and I can mess with it if you'd like ;)

  • @Daveypoo,i agree with everything you said, but you know what?i'm a little bit lazy😉.
    To my ears,the main melody was played by violins😉
    Maybe i'll send it to you....
    Thanks a lot for listening @Daveypoo [email protected]

  • @Lady_App_titude said:
    Very nice, @Flo26!!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Flo!
    Joli écrin que voilà !
    Il n'attend que ta voix !

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