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Modal - strange UI behaviour in AB3

I just loaded Burns Audio Modal as instrument in AB3, and when in play, the display continuously switches between Modal's interface (in AB3) and the audio page, or mixer or midi page depending on which is selected prior to playback. I tested Spectrum and this doesn't happen. Hasn't happened with other instrument apps I've loaded in this setup - Araillo , Tardigrain and Factory.

I've got three instruments loaded in AB3, each on a separate midi channel, transport and midi coming from an external midi device.

It makes Modal unusable in this set up. Big shame. Has anyone else experienced this? Bug? OTOH I'm new to using AB (with midi receive IAP) driven by midi hardware, and audio into AUM. Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I can't see any midi messages that would make display switch!


  • I have no clue what is happening there, but Modal seems to work fine in Audiobus for me.

    I set up a sequencer to drive Modal in AB and sent it to AUM, and it all worked as expected.
    Maybe knowing it can work correctly helps you, but I have no other info that may help.

  • Wow. That's the wackiest thing I've heard in a while! Would you mind doing a little screen recording? I'd like to see it in action...

  • Thanks for the replies. Since posting I've set up cc's presets for Spectrum, and got carried away sequencing from my Octatrack with sweet results and didn't see replies! TBH, I've never tried screen recording, but I'll test Modal again tomorrow and try and record if the UI glitch repeats. I did try relaunching everything a couple of times before the original post. The iPad was offline, bluetooth also off.

  • I guess I figured out what caused the issue. I hadn't noticed I was still in Midi learn mode and had the OT sequencer running and AB picked up a note/on off to trigger a switch to action. I'm glad to report the screen switching was following the melody with great timing :D

  • I thought that might be it 😁

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