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How to use the looper in Guitarism (video)

edited January 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

In this quick tutorial I show how to use the looper function in Guitarism. Unlike other loopers there is no start and stop functions. An awesome way to audition effects and even useful in a song or live performance.

Hope this is helpful


  • Thanks Ryan, this was very helpful. I had worked out the looper system but had not realised that I needed to select the first chord at the end for it to loop correctly. Many thanks and good to hear you are back in circulation again.

  • Thanks Ryan, a really helpful video.

  • No problem boys :-) I should have some new videos soon... just need some time. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

  • Thanks for this Ryan!

  • edited January 2014

    The recording workflow in Guitarism is a bit awkward for me, so if you are looking for a video subject, that might be an idea. But perhaps I am the only one who doesn't consider it easy, I am a bit lost there. You can share when you record something, but how to simply save it for yourself?...and give it a name...A few days ago I had the answer, but when I try it now I am lost again.

    Edit: figured it out again: before a new recording (hit plus button twice) you can give a new preset a name , and that will become the name of your recording. Awkward for me. A bit confusing and a bit illogical workflow, thats why I forgot it I guess, or my short term memory is getting a bit.....

  • @Marcel I completely agree - it's super-awkward. Ever since adding Audiobus most people just record directly via AB (into Audioshare, MTDaw, Auria etc) so this has been a low priority but now that the auto-looper is working well I want to expand that to be a full replacement for the existing "make a recording" workflow.

  • Nicely done Ryan. That encourages me to take another crack at it.

  • Is there a way to copy the loop?

  • @SidewaysGrin Not yet but it'll be coming (round the mountain...)

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