PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Blue Fugue / 100% Fugue Machine

Just Fugue Machine! I improvised the the track in one go. Starting from zero notes, adding till it was complete, than messing with the playheads, tempos, pitches etc. I set up Cubasis using five tracks of Audiobus. The four individual playheads plus all of them together on the fifth track. DRC is terrific. I used the DRC factory expansion church organ combined with the iCathedral choir organ patch. iFretless bass, two tracks of horns from ISymphonic, two analog leads and a choir from BeatHawk, Model D, DRC FoggyARP


  • Bravo! Really like this, especially the 3rd (?) movement with the organs. Also, the horns in the 1st movement are lovely. Very Copeland-esque!

  • I really dig your magic touch! Your musicianship flows through your pores :wink:
    And good to see you enjoying DRC :smile:

  • Agree with @aplourde that the movement with the organs was superb. Overall, very impressive!

  • Thank you so much @aplourde. I wish I could take a lesson with you!
    Much appreciated @senhorlampada, I wish I could visit you in Brazil!
    Glad you liked it @lukesleepwalker and many thanks for listening. I have been searching for just the right organ sound. This combo of iCathedral and DRC Church organ worked really well, I thought.

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