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Dongle and hub hell — a plea for help.

TL;dr please list your iOS dongle and USB setup that’s reliable enough for gigging and regular setup and takedown (rather than home use where it’s always set up.

I’m trying to integrate my iOS setup with my modular synth and Linnstrument. I’ve experimented with both iPad and iPhone but I’m really not finding a reliable setup. My situation is that I’m playing it in a band. That means each week I set up and tear down for practice, and when we gig, I want to avoid troubleshooting issues as much as possible. I know there are always wildcards but if it’s not even reliable in practice...

I use AUM and run a few synths, then out to my Eurorack through an ES-8, and a FH-2 to run control signals.

For weeks, I’ve used a iPhone, an Apple dongle, an Apple USB power supply, and a well reviewed hub. I route through AUM. No problem. Today: it does not recognize my Expert Sleepers ES-8 or my Linnstrument. I can plug the Linnstrument into my Fh-2 and go straight into the modular, no problem. Restarting phone or AUM makes no difference, nor does plugging and unplugging. Nor does swapping USB cables.

I’m not in the habit of carrying extra dongles and hubs but is this what it’s come to?

For the iPad, I have a USB-C to USB A hub/dongle with power pass through. Fine, but it hangs awkwardly off the iPad because of the non-replaceable “tail” that plugs into the iPad (everything seems to have a tail). I tried a USB-C extension cable. Connection to the hub was intermittent through the extension cable. So back to the awkward dongle that could easily fall out.

I just want something robust and reliable. I am willing to spend money but am sick of cheap and unreliable gear that is overpriced.


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    @JES000000 Maybe you could include what iPad model you have and your version of iOS You are using. If you don’t like the dongle maybe you need a encasing interface such as the following mage.
    You talk about USB-C, I guess you have a recent iPad. I don’t know if their is any encasing interface with USB-C yet.

    Good luck

  • The interfaces used are an Expert Sleepers EH-8 for audio and FH-2 for midi signals.
    Both are not replaceable for the Eurorack setup. ;)

  • Suggestion: build something similiar to a pedal board (used by guitar players on stage), but for your iPad, USB devices, powerbank etc.
    That way the mechanically critical section is tied to the 'board', which can also carry sockets for any connection required with external gear.

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