PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Quantiloop exported WAVs are very distorted in Ableton Live

I am using Live Intro for Windows.

I am also using Quantiloop 2.0 on iPad. I used AudioShare to transfer some audio clips (48 kHz 32 bit WAVs I think) to iCloud, then I downloaded those to my Windows PC. These WAV files open fine and sound fine in Audacity and SONAR Professional. In Live, I can hear the rhythm but the sound is way too loud and completely distorted and I actually cannot reduce the volume of a track with one of these WAV files in it. It seems like the audio file breaks some functions in the Live mixer.

Please note, this only occurs with the combination of Quantiloop and Live. Other iPad apps export WAVs which Live can read OK and the same Quantiloop WAV was read OK by 2 other Windows apps. I've posted the same issue at the Ableton Forum a few days back - no responses so far there.

Thanks for any clue you may have. In extreme cases I'd be willing to convert the WAV file, e.g. take it into Audacity and then save it so Live can read it, but that's getting somewhat ridiculous if it can't be automated somehow.


  • Got a response from Ableton - the WAV file was in "32-bit PCM" format which is not supported by Live at the moment. One can presumably convert to a compatible WAV format using Audacity or similar. Oh well, I suppose I won't be doing it frequently.

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