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Cubasis: Multi Channel Midi Routing between tracks (project download)

edited August 10 in App Tips and Tricks

Today the question arose whether Mozaic's multi channel midi scripts can be used in Cubasis and how. As i published several of these scripts i just had to investigate and this is what i came up with:


As my test example, i tested the routing of four input tracks into Midi Matrix Switch routing into four synth allowing to freely switch which synth plays which input track. Quite a standard setup for an AUM jam session, but i never did this a DAW.


To transfer MIDI between Cubasis tracks, you need the 'MIDI Bus' AU of the MIDI Tools AUv3 plugin suite from Victor Porof (blueveek) . To force the tracks to use specific midi channels i used 'MIDI Clone and Filter' of the same suite instead of writing yet another Mozaic script.


The setup is quite complex, as MIDI Bus only allows one sender/receiver per bus and Cubasis only has 3 midi-plugin slots per track.

  • Each of the four input tracks first forces it events onto an own midi channel (1-4) and then send to midi busses #1 to #4.
  • The four midi busses are combined into a single midi bus #7 using tracks 5 to 7
  • Track 8 hosts the 'Midi Matrix Switch'. The first midi insert slot reads the combined midi bus #7, the second midi insert slot runs the 'Midi Matrix Switch' script and its output is then send to midi bus #8 in the third insert slot
  • All four instruments read from bus #8 that containing a datastream with 4 midi channels. To separate them i implemented/published a Mozaic script 'Midi Filter and Transpose' that works like AUMs channel filter.


I attached the Cubasis project with this setup. Be warned, i didn't compose anything for it - just used some notes, chords or a short arp to easily distinguish the four inputs.
Open up the Midi Matrix Switch in track 8 in the second midi plugin slot and use the pads to toggle between predefined assignments.

If you want a bit of jamming, i added 'disabled' midi generators to all 4 input channels - switch them on and use 'Midi Matrix Switch' to instantly switch the track/synth assignment without the fear of hanging notes.


As i already mentioned in the originating thread i don't know why one would do such jamming in Cubasis - but it was an intersting question whether it is even technical possible and how :)

Who knows, maybe other, future multi channel scripts will have a matching use-case and this elaboration is somehow useful.

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