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Today I had my final Cancer Treatment

I have spent the last six years in and out of a few different cancer wards and hospitals.
Today I had my final infusion.
It’s not a cure the doctors say, but should keep me in remission for a while hopefully. I haven’t had a scan in six months, I have one next month to see if I’m still clear.
I’ve had numerous chemotherapies, immunotherapies, surgery, radiation, stem cell transplant.
It’s all done now. I’ve had every treatment available.
I hope I never have to walk back into the cancer ward again
I just turned 38 this year.
Time to take my life back
[email protected] Cancer

Just needed to tell somebody

Everyone out there please take care of your health and listen to your body when you are not feeling well.

*I already bought an app tonight to celebrate



  • Awesome, congratulations. I don't know you personally but know you are a tough person with a strong will and I wish you all the best.

  • Best wishes and good luck for the future. Through all that gruelling time, did you get much opportunity to make iOS music?

  • Enjoy every precious moment. All our bodies are on loan.

  • Powerful stuff, thanks so much for sharing this

  • Fantastic! So pleased to read this post. :)

  • Sending hugs mate. My son 20 yo had what I hope is his last chemo a fortnight ago following a year of chemo radiotherapy and multiple surgery for bone cancer. Turned out lives upside down. All being well he heads back to university to study philosophy this September.

    Seen huge support live compassion and.fear this year. Music one of the things that's kept us sane. This year whilst bedridden he's got a circuit a bass station 2 tb03 beatstep and numerous pedals. He's a accomplished guitarist but we've bonded over music technology and it's given us a focus other than cancer. Take care man and best of luck for good recovery and good times

  • I had two different friends go through the same shit. I know nothing about you except your fierce spirit and your love of music, but I’m very, very glad to see you doing well.

    Peace and happiness to you.

  • Thumbs up for you to win this battle ! Thanks for sharing this !

  • Fantastic, congrats 😊

  • Enjoy your life :smiley:
    Was it Ravenscroft? ;)

  • Hey, congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • edited August 8

    Very inspiring. Onward and Upward with ya! 🚀🙄☝🏾

    Ps: MotherFOCK Cancer!!! 🖕🏾

  • Hope you will be fine <3
    Best wishes <3

  • You are very rugged and, I hope, that the future years will be very smooth.

  • Wish you all the best sir, and enjoy the app ;) .

  • Good health and good fortune to you

  • Keep on doing the music - it’s the best therapy. Best wishes.

  • You have the right attitude.

    What app did you get then? :smile:

  • Cancer is an utter bastard. I wish you all the best in your remission, and hopefully you'll also make some great music!

  • edited August 8

    Wishing you good health and positive times ahead.

  • Great news. I wish you all the very best and am very happy to read of your change in fortune. Well done, you! 👊

  • Positive energy your way man.
    3 things from me for good recovery:

    Balanced diet and look out for any sugar (Inc fruit/alcohol)

    Keep active (within means)

    Find your circadian rhythm and stick to it.


  • What a time you have had of it all. Here’s hoping for many years happiness.

  • Glad you shared your story. Best wishes for a cancer free journey.

  • Great news - i wish you all the best and that it's gone forever ! Keep yourself healthy and do what you enjoy doing :)

  • I am sorry to hear this has happened but glad to hear things are on the up. I have a friend going through the same exact now, I can’t imagine - countless doctors, treatments, waiting, waiting. My mom and mother in law also went through the same. It’s brutal.

    All the best!

  • 🤞👍

  • All the best! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure it helps someone else too.

  • @ruggedsmooth
    We know your pain this end! My wife has gone through the treatment and consequences of breast cancer and I’ve recently been diagnosed with leukaemia, can’t win!
    Hope the treatment and the recovery from it is successful! Stay strong 💪🏻🤞

  • @Nu2moro I'm so sorry to hear that but wishing you the best! You stay strong as well!!

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