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Octachron midi assignment to mute and patterns

with great interest I bought this app and much is self explanatory however there seems to be a way to assign the patterns and mute to MIDI? As this thing lacks any manual i'm googling and YTing and it is strange that it's expected we find it out ourselves. Can anybody point me to the right direction PLEASE?


  • It's not mentioned anywhere probably but it's C-1 to G-1 notes for pattern changes and G#-1 to D#0 for mutes.

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    Thanks skrat, I've just figured it out yeah after fooling around for 4! hours. It isn't mentioned anywhere indeed. In a screendump found on the ipad musician group it states MIDI 0-7 and 8-15. Don't know what that's supposed to mean but it simply works on channel 1 with the keys you've just mentioned. Thanks. This is AWESOME. It works with Rozeta cells wich gives it a nice chaotic vibe to it.

  • AU MIDI CC would be so much better but this is tolerable. I'm using it lot along side of StepBud.

  • I guess you have seen Doug's video on the app:

  • Thanks Simon. I scanned trough the vids to see if the mute/pattern change by MIDI was discussed but it seems an addition to the app in a later update. Never the less the sound testroom is very helpfull as always.

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