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Synthony No.3 / Cubasis and Modern Classical

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Time for another shoutout to Cubasis as a superb tool to create and assemble a four movement symphony-like work. Many desktop users speak respectfully to the limitations of the iOS DAW and praise it’s usefulness. All I can say is I don’t think Beethoven would have any problems (especially if he didn’t use acoustic plugins!). The sonic needs of old school classical music simply do not require the features desired by hi tech music producers.

That being said Cubasis can accommodate (for me, anyway) any production need I can think of.
Usually it just takes my learning how to utilize the functionality that is intuitively incorporated in its design. I love the analog UI. I love undo and restore and the confidence Cubasis gives me to plunge ahead knowing I will not blow hours of work by my own misstep. Early in my iOS curve there were anxious moments, but now I realize almost anything is salvageable thanks to the built in protections in CB. So, for the umpteenth time, @Lars and the Steinberg team, thank you for making my musical adventure possible and intensely pleasurable!

There are many musical influences in this piece. Copeland, Zappa, Bernard Hermann, Chopin, Debussy, Tristano, Crothers, Philip Glass, Bird, Lester Young and others. But what is uniquely mine is that every note of this twenty-six minute piece was improvised using techniques I was taught by the late, great player and teacher Connie Crothers. I did no midi corrections of any kind (tho I have begun to do this in collaborating with @rs2000 ) so you will hear artifacts here and there of a fallible human.

I hope you will share with me the pleasure of what iOS and a great DAW can provide. We are truly blessed to be musicians in this wild whirl. Thank you all for the precious help and support members have so generously given on this terrific forum!


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    You're trying to make the best out of iOS apps and work with what is available.
    This is the best way to remain happy with iOS music production!

    What Cubasis is for you, that's Gadget for me.
    Luckily, exchanging MIDI data between the two is not too difficult.

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