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RE-1 not showing in au og iaa list anymore (SOLVED)

I can load the app in standalone mode but it doesn’t show up in AUM or Audiobus.
I’m using an iPad mini 5

Anyone else having the same problem?


  • It's been working fine for me in AUM.
    I have a 2017 iPad base model.

    I'm also absolutely loving the sounds I can get out of it... Amazing App IMO.

    Hope you can figure out how to make it work on your iPad!

  • No, RE1(au) and RE-1(iaa) show up in the effect slot in both AUM and Audiobus iPhone 8x latest ios version.

  • This so weird. I used it in BeatMaker (au) about a month ago and today I was going to use it in AUM and it’s just not there anymore.
    I turned my iPad off and on again twice and I reinstalled RE-1, but it still doesn’t show up.
    I’m on the latest version of iOS.

  • Hahaha........I’m and idiot, also I might be a bit drunk. I wanted to use RE-1 as a looper (instrument) and record the output and I kept looking for it as a source and not as an effect; it’s there and everything is working perfectly (except for my brain).

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