PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

This is satisfactory

What's so great about it? Well nothing, it's just a bassline from Model 15 ran through some Eventide.

But go back to last year and even accomplishing this was difficult for me. Trying to get apps to sync properly, dealing with a convoluted buggy DAW app just to have some routing choices. Slinging stems soloed out of Garageband one by one just because it was a reliable way to record.

AUM and AU is a beautiful thing. I feel creative again and not frustrated :)


  • I too am a wide-eyed wanderer in this iOS caper ... I find it both exciting and liberating from the constraints of the desktop. Dusted off an old Win10 tablet the other week ... it was like going back to the Age of Steam - things I took for granted on iOS were impossible - never even considered... useless lump of silicon.

    Glad you're getting those ducks lined up.

  • It's really quite something. Hands on control/creativity without the stability issues.

    A lot has been possible on iOS for the last decade, but stability and inter app friendship was hard to achieve. Apps that were initially made to get around limitations are now creative tools in their own right.

    I am extremely positive about this new era.

  • I thought the challenge was half of the fun!

  • @CracklePot said:
    I thought the challenge was half of the fun!

    I like a challenge. But I also like watching a well oiled machine do it's thing too. :)

    @tja said:


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