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How do you export BM3 banks to NS2? SOLVED

I've googled, I've watched videos, I've even read an explanation on the NS2 forums, but I still can't do it.
Now, it's common knowledge that the AB forum hivemind is so powerful that some consider it to be independently sentient, so I'm going to ask here. Please answer as if addressing a six-year-old with an attention disorder, as that is my default ios music-making mindset.
I have NS2, I love NS2, I imagine any finished projects I come up with will be completed there. But I'm very keen on incorporating samples into my workflow, and that's where BM3 comes in. The auto-slice function is genius, meaning even I can end up with something usable sliced to pads. It's the final step that's the problem. How to get the sliced bank of samples out of BM3 and into a Slate bank on NS2?
I know you know. Please tell me what you know!


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    Just ensure you saved slices as separate wav files (in BM3 slice editor > save as separate files)

    then copy folder with those files using Apple Files app to Nanostudio Library directory

    Now go to na Nanostudio, open Slate and load wave files to pads from Library ;)

    I also checked some free IAP in BM3 and i noticed that melodic patches contains usually samples named like "something C0.wav, something C1.wav,.." - those are easy to load to Obsidian sample oscillator using it's "autoload" feature - it automatically loads all samoles in same directory with same name just different root note at the end of filename and creates zones for those samples..

  • Last time I checked when saving a sliced sample as *.wav file in BM3 the slices are included as meta-data.
    (These markers can be read by for example Renoise and TwistedWave).

    So in short the 'wave importer' in NS2 could look for meta-data when importing the *.wav file and auto-slice slice it to pads.

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    tried it in BM3 and edited my post, it's actually simple :)

  • Thanks, both! I will try this tomorrow πŸ˜€

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    @iansainsbury what suggested samu is just idea how it should be implemented in NS2 - this is related to non-destructive slicing feature inside NS2, which is definitely on todo list, although no eta for now ... at the moment it doesn't work that way - currently import BM3->NS2 works just using "save as separate files" ...

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