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(OT) anyone used Maschine software on a touchscreen?

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  • Are you talking about iMaschine?

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    I have a Surface Pro. It's ok, not great. Not really designed for touch unfortunately. It's a nice with Surface in general with controller. It makes up for the fact that I have an older MKII not MKIII with screens.

  • Have a Surface Book Pro and MK3 and they are good together. I use the pen on the screen far more than I thought I would. I have no regrets at all about the purchase/usage apart from the fact that it cost a shedload of money.

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  • Personally, I'm waiting / hoping that NI comes out with a standalone version of Maschine.

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  • Hardly we will see an standalone Maschine version or proper iPad app supporting Maschine hardware but I will love (a lot in fact) to be proven wrong by NI. Latest movements with Traktor seem they are struggling a bit with the whole iOS ecosystem and iMaschine seems more the companion app like original Traktor Dj app was... so if they release an iMaschine 3 with mk3 support... it will be amazing but I will recommend don't hold your breath...

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    Also, there's an audience for standalone and NI are good with hardware; well MIDI hardware. New MPCs only exist because Maschine was/is better MPC because Akai stopped manufacturing standalones for years.

    Plus you have the Octatrack and Digitakt audience. Digitakt comes closer to an integrated and standalone solution with Overbridge. But to me, it's a limited Rytm, so I'm using my Rytm more again these days. Octatrack won't get Overbridge so no software integration.

    But you need something with integrated synths for a standalone groovebox.

    Deluge is the other standout in this category, but the cost and learning another system / workflow keeps me from going for it.

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    I think is in the nature itself of the problem... ARM vs x86 and energy consumption vs high demanding cpu processing...

    When Jobs talked about post-pc was announcing this possible issue...

    Touch interfaces require smart UIX design and proper multitouch technology to be user friendly.

    OTOH x86 programs like Traktor/Maschine require a translation for ARM devices so usually devs make things from scratch instead trying to port (one of the fails at Ms strategy)

    Then you have people asking for iMaschine or Traktor Dj with desktop features but it's not trivial (look at BM3 or DjPlayer, it's possible but doesn't seems worth it as platform due we are niche).

    Again NI after 3 years break reboots Traktor as Universal (iPad/Desktop) due old code is just not viable...

    The NI CEO have stated in the past that NI is x86 software company when someone asked about embedding or mobile but maybe this could change (after firing him probably if numbers not grow... or even he figure out when Traktor D2 were discontinued and so). There are some rumouring going on the net about how health is NI... I hope enough but I still not believe it will mean iMaschine3 BM3 version (and I don't see Mathieu working for NI neither).

    In fact after Traktor shrink NI could been hiring DjPlayer developer but instead of they made a Djay clone... so go figure about target and roadmap for iMaschine...

    Possible to embed Maschine app inside Maschine hardware? Well I dream sometimes with wrapping my mac mini under a D2 and a soundcard...

    My advice will be look into MpcLive for something like that

  • Stagelight and Caustic are the only true touchscreen optimized . Also Bitwig ,but definitely needs mouse and keyboard.

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  • It's more the controller is from these brands (NI, Ableton...) but in iOS the controller is the iPad. So they aren't going to work for Apple at that low revenue (the usual price debate).

    So in part, yes but in addition to target and regular tablet users, etc...

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  • The key is the ARM vs x86 and the appstore price model. Don't forget Photoshop for iPad, iPadOS, iPad probwith usb are all newer things on to be released.
    That could be the middle step for devs but it's not only about possibility, it's about profitability from the devs... how large is the professional segment vs prosumers, how much revenue from development...
    Again with the Traktor example... Traktor dj 2 app could be enough for some users but not enough for others but it's what is it ATM (and free). Maybe someone could say Djay pro is better or Pioneer has standalone machine near the iPad pro prices but these are different segment users...

    I don't expect iMaschine 3 being BM4 (or even supporting NI hardware) due NI isn't Numark/Akai.
    I don't expect Maschine desktop being more touch friendly neither...

    NI proposal is Maschine mk3 without touchscreens and x86 based and iMaschine a pack-seller ala BlocsWave.

    At this point NI seems rebooting software so maybe they surprise us but probably not before 2020 or later... and I hope being wrong but they have slept and lost their market position from 5 years ago.

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    @EyeOhEss said:
    In the end I do really like ‘portable’ and iOS/Surface are great but portability/touch aren’t the most important things for me personally. Desk setup is where I feel least claustrophobic and most focused etc by far, so I’m happy to cope with that still being where most options are at for now.. And we have plenty of other cool stuff available for portable creativity too.

    This is what I try to point. NI could improve a lot if they want but to the present day its strategy is what I pointed (after researching on this topic over years) so it's not me wanting not happen... au contraire I dream NI buying Intua and DjPlayer to release new tools updated to our era but it's not happening and probably it will not happen.

    About making the soft more touch friendly... iDevices are millions compared to Surface-like tablets so go figure about selling numbers but again it bring us to the revenue flow x user market segment divided by development cost. Being the first limited by Appstore, the second smaller than we can imagine and the last too high due it requires dedicated coders.

    In the past I remember some entries for embedded devices or platforms but I'm not 100% sure... I suppose they hire someone due we have Traktor dj 2 app but take a look how many time passed from S4/2 mk3 release and app arrived even S2mk3 has a label "iOS" port on it.

    Released on NAMM January 28 from September 2018...

    I'm not trying to demotivate anyone but with proper information one could choose if wait for somekind of update or not and NI needs some time to catch the wave again. Will be that wave touchscreens? Maybe new macOS after Catalina bringing true ARM/x86 mode like Surfaces tried to implement...?
    I will love to see it happen too but probably not going to happen or almost in 5 years (I will love to say 1, usually bet for 3 but actually I start thinking 5 to 8 due how technology has been moving forward the last 10-15 years...)

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    I’ve used Maschine for many years. Love it. I have pretty much all the ipad drum, sample, and sequence apps. They’re fun...but Maschine is the workhorse.

    Honestly, you don’t need a touchscreen for Maschine at all. It wouldn’t add anything to the workflow.

    The hardware controller is already your tactile interface, clearly labeled and covers all the functions and parameters.

    You can do nearly everything from the controller without using a mouse and barely looking at the computer screen if you want. The only exceptions are probably tweaking plugins that are non-NKS or NI and setting global preferences.

    When people ask for a standalone Maschine it’s pretty silly and I question if they’ve actually used a Maschine or MPC. With the large screens and soundcard built into the MK3, all you have to do is turn off your computer monitor or put your laptop on the floor and you’ll just about have the focus of a standalone system.

  • I like Maschine (MK1 and Studio) on the Surface Pro pretty well. The experience improves greatly with a small macro keyboard for shift-ctrl-alt modifiers.

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