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Some synthesized singing via Speak Unit and iVoxel

So this is my tenth track since starting with iOS music (in a bit less than a year), and for this I wanted to try some synthesized singing.

Since there isn’t anything like Plogues Alter Ego on ios, I used the Speak Unit voice synthesizer, recorded the phrases into Auria where I split them on transients and time-stretched them to match the tempo. I then exported the music-ish thing and the robot voice separately into Audioshare, and then looped both using AUM into Audiobus where I had iVoxel in the effects slot of the robot track, letting me control the pitch using Rozeta and Atom.

As I’m experimenting a bit with randomly generated music currently, the music itself is a bit on the weird side. It would probably sound better with a properly composed track, but I kind of had to stick with the original plan once I started. Anyway I thought it may be an interesting technique.

Other apps used: Rozeta, Ruismaker + FM, Ruismaker Noir about halfway in, Kickdrum Synth, Replicant, Objeq, Dubstation, Filterstation, Eos and 4pockets Shimmer.


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