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Best Apps for iPhone SE

I have a used iPhone SE that I use occasionally as an Audiobus Remote but it's largely unused since I use my iPad for music most of the time. But Jakob's video for Koala made me curious, what apps are perfect for small size screens?

I don't plan on buying a larger iPhone since I prefer Android for mobile, but for sub iPhone 6 sizes, what apps do you still like using?


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    For me everything is too small on SE. It would work ok as some dedicated fx for external gear for example, but apps cant be made to fit well enough for small screen of se or the whole app would have max 4 buttons and nothing else. Tuner works great tho xD

  • GarageBand, Figure, iKaossilator, TwistedWave and Groovebox to name a few.
    Used all of them on my iPhone 5 before I got an iPhone 8...

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    Xewton Music Studio. It has a lot of great sounds in it and is easily my favourite scratch pad on iPhone. Its sampler isn't half bad either albeit rudimentary. It was one of the first apps I purchased to use on my iPod Touch 4 back in 2011.

    And if the iPhone SE has iOS 10 or earlier and you don't plan to update it, also grab Nanostudio 1.

    Auxy could also be another option, but unfortunately that uses subscription pricing.

  • I love it as an effects pedal, Aum with a host of reverbs and delays. Audio Damage stuff. Using a Behringer Uca222 as the i/o.

    Id say Thumbjam, blocswave, elasticdrums, zeon work well on an SE

  • I use a 4s as a dedicated drum module with impaktor. It’s part of a funny setup with a drum pad. The drum pad gets into the phone via the headphone jack, with one of the cheap little adapter/preamp things for plugging in your guitar.

    I also liked using elastic drums on the tiny screen. Everything else was pretty tiny.

  • Blocswave, BeatHawk, iElectribe

  • BlocsWave, Music Notepad, GTL (coming soon), LoopyHD (meanwhile), AudioShare (wifi Hd in your pocket), midi wrench (with cck3 you can test buying second hand hardware elsewhere), Impaktor...

    ...apps for learning music theory (on the go so you can improve yourself at train) like ChrodTracker, Pensato, Chords, Spectral Eye...

  • iMaschine

  • Need a rompler with large sample libraries?

  • The only apps I was able to use really on my SE were Auxy, GarageBand, Blocswave, AudioShare.... Grand Finale worked fine. Everything else was just too cramped. All of the aforementioned ones are good too, just never used them really or don't have them.

  • Audiobus3, AUM and apeMatrix all work well on an SE ;)
    I do tend to avoid using it for music though unless I'm really stuck on public transport or something.

  • I like running ChordPolyPad on mine.

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