Saving AUM projects offline?

I was reviewing audio files I’d saved in DropBox and discovered that unless I’d kept notes somewhere, it might be difficult to reproduce the sound. I know you can copy AUM project files using the Files app to another location like DropBox, and I think it might be a good idea to have the project file saved with the audio file. My question is whether doing that would cover it. There’s a sub folder in the AUM Files folder called “Audio Unit Presets” which made me wonder about needing to save something from there as well.

Within “Audio Unit Presets” are several sub folders with enigmatic names, within which are references to what appear to be preset names for other apps. Do these entries contain further tweaks to the presets? If so, that would mean they’d be needed to duplicate a sound too.

Based on the file dates, it’s not conclusive how all these things relate to each other, but it would be helpful to know the answer, if only to know what to save.


  • The settings for the AUs as they are in your session are saved in the session file. So for archiving that particular piece of music, that session file is all you need.

    The Audio Unit Presets folder is for the local list of presets that you can access from the AU's window in AUM (the third orange icon on the top left of the AU's window). You don't need to save these for any individual session.

  • That’s really good news! The sessions file is pretty trivial in size, and keeping it with a sample audio file is a piece of cake. That’s the best way I can think of to keep track of what project is needed to recreate a sound.


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