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AUM vs Apematrix (iPhone)

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  • I had ApeMatrix first, AUM Second. Even though AUM doesn’t support full landscape on the phone, parts of it are?

    Which is kind of weird. But it works. The best thing is that AUM doesn’t have a whole lot going on at once (unless you want it to) so if you keep things kind of simple it won’t be a total scroll fest. For me, using ApeMatrix and AUM are kind of neck and neck on a phone.

  • Apematrix can record the output of the 3 matrices separately so you can do three stems. That’s the way it works, the “tracks” aren’t the same as in AUM etc which has dynamic tracks (you can add more). Each matrix is a track, so you’re fixed with 3.
    So you have to think a bit differently. But you can record full output, 3 stereo outputs, or one 6 channel output.

    I’d like to see unlimited matrices someday, then you can have many more tracks, but I don’t know if that’ll be possible without making it incompatible with the older saved sessions.

  • AudioBus all the way for me. Add AUM or AudioShare in the outputs when I want to record. I can’t stand window diving on the phone. With AudioBus each app is always one touch away, and transport controls are always there. Session transfer over to the iPad is a breeze with airdrop. I’m totally lovin’ it.

  • @EyeOhEss said:
    Apematrix feels like it’ll be way smoother with xequence, down to working in landscape. I’ve never used Apematrix though I do have it installed. Seems like it’ll take a few sessions to wrap my head round it.. stems tracks recorder in Aprmatrix :( (REALLY hope they add this. IAP or whatever..). AUM is so tight for recording stems. Perfect workflow for me there...

    So until AUM has landscape and Apematrix has stems record intergration that’s as smooth as AUM. It’s a tough call for me to pick which one..

    Many in here said that Audio Damage Enso was great for recording stems, even more than being a looper maybe.

    Which host do other people prefer to use with xequence (or even without) and why?

    It varies. Can be Gadget and Groove Rider for their synthesis power and for working with sliced audio, bs-16i as a simple and quick preset rompler, Pure Synth for a nice collection of sampled instruments. I try to avoid composing with too many dependencies and steps involved to set everything up, maybe not as flexible but i hate it when stuff doesn't "just work". I had that often enough on the desktop, and instant fun is the whole point of composing on the iPad for me.
    apeMatrix is a wonderful modular host but I see it rather as a modular sound generation utility than a compositional platform.

  • I would recommend AB3 instead , for the simplest reason : app switching. Can’t imagine scrolling on a tiny screen . Although it’s more expensive with midi IAP and no stem recording.
    Unfortunately I haven’t tested ApeMatrix on iPhone

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I love AUM, use it for mostly everything on my iPad, but on iPhone the workflow is more aggravating to me than anything lol... Honestly I prefer gadget on my iPhone xs max, or even doodling in dare I say... Garage band... Cuz I don't even like garage band 🤣 but on iPhone imo those are the least frustrating for the small work area...
    But if I was using one of the three hitters, for more than just doodling/sketching ....AUM,ab3, ape... Ab3 for sure, it is way better for iPhone, not a bunch of resizing, flipping phone, etc etc.. It's just strait forward..
    ApeMatrix is nice, I own it, but find it not the most intuitive of workflows and I feel like once I get a loop going, I'm done I can't progrss any further, and too much resizing for me to use on an iPhone without getting frustrated and calling it quits

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    I love all of three for different approches/workflows/flavors: Audiobus, AUM and apeMatrix.

    Audiobus tend to have the easiest workflow on iPhone, very efficient.

    Enso all the way for ApeMatrix stems creation (especially as now perfect latency compensation is implemented), works also very well in Audiobus and GarageBand.

    Also Atom is a must have in all of those modular hosts, as is Velocity Keyboard:

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