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Playlist or queue audio files in AUM

I want to have a list of field recorded audio files play one after another in AUM. I know there is a file player but want multiples. Is there a way to access a folder of files from AudioShare or an app that can do that?


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    If you put AudioShare as the input in an AUM lane, then switch to AudioShare and press the song Play button for the first song (not the General Play button. See the illustration.), the songs will play one after another in the order listed. If they’re not in the order you wish to play them, you’ll probably have to rename them and append a sequence number to the beginning of the names.

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    Good work around, thank you. Does feel like this is a feature waiting to happen - being able to midi trigger changes and define, order with drag and drop, etc, etc

  • I’d love to see that too! Or to be able to trigger an AudioShare File with a note to MIDI CTRL. I kind of remember being able to do something like that with “Play Enable” in the AUM lane where You’ve set up a File Player as a source.

  • I always wonder why the new MIDI channel in AUM wasn't made for any type of output - audio instruments or file players... You could then have an endless column of eg loops or samples and could also trigger them with midi learn. Hope that will make it into AUM in near future.

  • I just mailed a feature request for making it possible to re-arrange the library file-list.

  • Rename the files so they appear in the right order when sorted by name...

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