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Infinite Looper/Aleph Looper 2.6 released

Folks -- FYI, we've updated Infinite/Aleph (yeah, it's been a while...)

The big new thing is an integrated remote file manager -- upload/download your songs using the Secret Agent, so if you've got a cool set of loops you want to share, or you want to check out what other people are doing, it's easy and built in. This involved a whole lot of web site hackery and database wrangling; it's something I wanted to look into, and the rabbit hole was deeper than I expected.

Importing of loops from MIDI files and other Infinite Looper projects is a little easier now.

We've updated the Ableton Link library, and now support remote start/stop, and the tempo tracking is a little tighter.

The pads now have a configuration that will let you pick out a guitar fretboard fingering for a chord, rather than a generic chord structure. I'm planning on updating an old fake guitar app, so that's where that came in.

Each song can now have it's own collection of pads -- toggle between the "app" set and the "song" set on the pad page. If you have a chord progression, you can then capture that in the "song" pads, and these will migrate along with the song (for example, if you sent it up to the web using the Secret Agent interface).

Both apps are on sale for a bit -- Aleph is $2, and Infinite is $5 (Infinite is universal, Aleph is iPhone). There's a bundle to upgrade to Infinite that's $5 -- so you can check out Aleph on the cheap if you want (maybe some day, Apple will institute a try-before-you-buy policy).

I need to update the user manual to catch some of the new things, and maybe put together a video or two. But right now, time to go get a beer.


  • Awesome... thanks :wink:

  • Congrats that sounds good

  • For those folks seeking an ableton like environment, this is a often overlooked light option for midi clip launching.

  • Oooh fun! I always liked this little sleeper app. Thanks!

  • Guitar fretboard ? Suwheeet! File management.. The iOS train’s getting closer folks! Instabuy!

  • Just redownloading IL. What about AUv3 as IAA will be depraceted at some point?

  • I'm interested in this audio bus-ey looking thing to use my iPad and iPhone as a team, just saw it on yore app page

  • Congrats, @SecretBaseDesign I look forward to checking out the new stuff, and glad to see you're pushing it forward.

  • OMG I have almost forgotten how amazing this app is...Too many apps, too much little time...I think I have compose my most valuable tracks with this tool.

  • I wish the app could offer a hardware simulation .
    Pressing record could start creating a clip and the end of the clip would be set to the closest beat after stopping recording .
    Overdub option allowing to overdub last triggered clip
    Mute group option for every instrument
    Assignable midi triggering for every clip (play/stop,clear,mute/solo,reverse,speed)

    Maybe a v2?

  • And we're off! Congrats to @cuscolima for being the first person to upload a song to the Secret Agent secret stash!

    I grabbed the file, and did a quick vid.

  • @SecretBaseDesign : Please make an official announcement on here when you get a chance to update the manual, please.. Good job!

  • @SecretBaseDesign there goes the weekend :) Congrats (and thanks!).

  • Thanks for this @SecretBaseDesign. Infinite looper is a great sketchpad to compose and organize ideas and harmonics. It is then easy to export the whole midi into another DAW (Auria for example). The end result can be heard here:

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