Something I recorded with the new Spectrum AUs

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I call it Particles at 07519

also made this video to go along with it:

Rozeta Particles is triggering the Resonator while another Resonator is being triggered randomly at the same time as an instance of Spectrum.


  • Some lovely passages ... excellent resonance on the plucking in the mids - be worth seeing who was doing what there ... shows off both Spectrum and Particles very nicely. Must admit I'd be inclined to herd it all through a scaling set-up ... but I just like stuff I can whistle. More please.

  • Woah Nice!

  • That sounds wonderful!

  • very nice calm mood in that track :+1:

  • Love both the music and the lo-fi video! Would love to know some details on how you made both!

  • Really nice :) Cool idea to trigger Rings with Particles, need to revisit Rozeta suite at some point... been neglecting it...

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    Another one with a similar process, this was using spectrum on my phone with fugue machine

    A lot spookier

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