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My praises for fabfilter pro c2 and fabfilter pro r when used with a guitar.Now with an audio demo😉.

Pro c2 is so good with guitar, i can’t even find words.
It’s a so versatile plugin.Whatever type of compression i need,it’s there.From subtle to punchy and all this with a lot of transparency.
The way the compressed signal can be mixed with the dry signal is a big plus to keep the dynamic alive..
Hands up my favourite compressor on ios!
I’ll use this a lot!!
And what about pro r?
What else can i say?
I love fabfilter!!
And you know what? I had them since a long time in auria,but using them in aum is a game changer for me.
It inspires me a lot!!
Thanks fabfilter!


  • i could not help recording an audio demo for this one.
    I use my rivera amp on the clean channel (i love this amp)!
    The demo starts with very simple things and then goes towards ambient.
    It’s a long one.
    Feel free to choose what you want to.

  • I feel as if I’m riding through the Old American West. Awesome sound. Makes me want to rebuy outside of Auria as well.

  • Sweet and tasty tone!

  • I put the whole Fab Filter Bundle in an AUM channel strip and just start tweaking the "dots" (very few knobs in FF's User Interfaces) until I get a sound I like. Adding DDMF's Magic Death Eye and/or ReAmp to add more even harmonics is fun too. But for grit and distortion I need to use like FuzzPlus3. I'm hoping Saturn gets ported.

    Once you get a sound dialed in AUM saves it for you. Now I need to start mapping BlueBoard buttons to
    FX'es and add an expression pedal for volume swells like Larry Carlton used with the Crusaders.

    You're getting some nice delays out of Pro-R that I haven't tried yet. $130 for the bundle was a lot but
    they teach you how to Master Sound sculpting.

  • Thanks guys!
    The delay you hear is a t.c electronic flashback pedal.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  • McDMcD
    edited July 3

    @flo26 wrote:

    The delay you hear is a t.c electronic flashback pedal.

    Thanks for the clue... I would have spent hours trying to get more delay from Pro-R.

    I do wish I didn't know about your hardware. I try to stick with Joyo's and Behringer's to control stomp box spend. Under $40 for a guitar pedal is considered to be an awesome price and Pro-R at $39.99 makes the cut. I consider my IOS devices as "loadable" multi-effects units.

    I almost bought a Joyo Amp Sim pedal based on your advice but was able to cancel the "cart". Practice first... earn it.

  • Great guitar playing man, this sounds great

  • Thanks a lot!
    This compressor is great for country style playing😉.

  • @flo26 said:
    Thanks a lot!
    This compressor is great for country style playing😉.

    Excellent! This style of playing is really a strong suit for you. Enjoyed listening.

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