I was over the Mode audio site and saw some deals that are really that.

In particular the Bang pack is incredible for house as wells the Interference pack for more Glitch/Lofi.

There are several others as well. I mainly use drum samples but the loops I have bought didn't disappoint but they are a specific sound which they have mastered in the lofi or downtempo space.

I think your work is only as good as the quality of the sounds you use. Sometimes I feel using other's professional grade samples are a much needed relief from sound prep and can focus on creating.

In particular, I find the Mode kicks to be superior as for vendors of samples anywhere. I mainly use them in hardware like the Circuit, Model Sample, or Digitakt as well as in apps like Patterning and others.

This is all my opinion and have not gotten anything free ever from them I just wanted to let others know about the great deals on some stellar sounds!



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