Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.


  • = no sale, I'm afraid

  • is like Effektrix by Sugar Bytes…..but I think to weit the port to iOS of Sugar Bytes ones.

  • @sinapsya: how do you know? I was looking for any video or further info about this, but didn't find anything. if you know the App, can you elaborate about similariries with Effectrix etc.?

  • I think this looks fun and useful - judging by the text and grabs in the store. Looks very useful in terms of creating loops which could then be dropped into a DAW or Electrify NXT, etc. Think I'm gonna take a punt on this. Another layer of appeal is by the good presentation, use of English (which matters to me) and assertion that everything works as one would expect. Sounds good!

  • Looks good to me. @Sickmoth If you get copy/paste a drumloop back n forth, is that just as easy as using the general pasteboard? Also, I don't see any BPM settings etc, is that in there somewhere?

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    Yep, I will be getting it in the near future! This vid on the dev's site:

    If that didn't embed properly, just cut and paste the obvious bit. Anyhoooo, it reminds me of a glitch VST I used to use, effecting slices in steps.

    I can't see bpm either, but I gather as you'd just be copying and pasting anyway the destination would take care of that. I'll post my first impressions once I've had a play.

  • Man this is a fun app! (And useful) the user guide is a quick but informative read and audiocopy/paste is literally as simple as pushing one button, that's it. You can even copy the apps own loops out to another app. I think it's def worth the price, much more than meets the eye but not too deep it's hard to learn, great balance. Things like shuffle, strobe, and transition make it really cool because just a quick play with those and you can have a loop that sounds very different and combined with the effects it's great. Seems super stable, never had a crash, and it's non-destructive to your loops.

  • Thanks sickmoth, couldn't get the link to work, but I'll check out the devs site.

    @JMSexton, cool, can you set the bpm somewhere? Is it possible to import say a 8 bar drumloop at 98bpm and sync the apps steps to all that?

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    Believe so... No BPM, but there is a duration setting that goes from 2 bars to 8 bars and basically just paste your loop in, set that, and roll!

    From the user guide:

    For the effect sequencer to work in precise sync with the audio file, you will need to adjust one or more transport settings. There is also a few other features in the transport that add extra creative possibilities.

    duration sets the audio file length in bars (drag left/right to adjust).

    playback defines if the audio is played forwards or backwards (tap to toggle).

    timing switches between normal sequencer rate (16 steps per bar) or triplet rate (12 steps per bar), with the track switches rearranging themselves in groups of 4 or 3 accordingly (tap to toggle).

    shuffle changes the length ratio between odd and even sequencer steps for the rhythmical swing effect (drag left/right).

    strobe decreases the duration of each individual sequencer step, producing a rhythmical gate effect (drag left/right).

    transition adjusts the crossfade time between the effect sequence tracks, as well as the smoothness of the strobe effect (drag left/right).

  • Can you set the number of steps or is everything 16 steps in 4/4?

  • @yowza - 16 steps 4 groups of 4 or 12 steps 4 groups of 3

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    Thanks @JMSexton. I found the video and the iPad site, and it does look fun/easy to use, so I'll just go ahead and get this one.

    Btw, that dev had a lot of stuff on his site, so wonder what else we might see from him!

  • 14 seconds into the video and I'm in :-)

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    didn't put http:// because vanilla forums tries to embed it but it's blank

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    Really cool (and very useful if you got lots and lots of loops/beats you wanna mess up and re-shape in various ways).

    I just audiocopied some random drum loop from Audioshare and pasted into the app, didn't have to change any bpm anywhere, it just aligned up. The one thing I immediately noticed, and missed having is the ability to use more then one effect per step (unless I missed something). That limits things a bit, I never used Effectrix but I believe that one can do multiple effects per step. And also a stutter/repeater/stretcher kinda effect for the drumloops would be awesome. Still, for 5 bucks you get a lot of creative tools here. And it's all just as fast and easy as it looks.

    Edit: The Mac version got 6 more effects, and some other things, anyone tried that? The plugs are relatively cheap there, but it don't have a Mac. Hopefully they'll update the iPad product(s) to include all the desktop goodies.

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    I want to see more video. Why oh why do new apps get such little support in ghe way of videos at launch?
    Caustic 3 was one notable exeption to this. It was releases with a ton of very useful tutorials,
    Thinking about this app but need to see more of just what it can do.

  • Would not run on my Air, just crashed at first startup. Reset Pad no joy, deleted app, cleared memory and re-installed. Still crashed.

    Installed on iPad2 not a problem, runs fine, imported loops, all good.

    Deleted app from iTunes and downloaded again, re-installed on Air and now works fine.

  • I think I have found the cause of the crash. If you try and import a large file from the clipboard, the app will fail and then not restart. I had a 58 meg file previously loaded for pasting from Audioshare into Cubasis and hitting the import button in Sequential just stopped it dead. I then have to delete and re install. Anyone else duplicate this?

  • Quick test 30Mb file loaded with Audioshare, NO problem.

  • Just got an email from Sinevibes

    "Yes, our buffer is allocated at around 15 MB right now. We will implement a warning message and crash prevention in the next update.

    Do you need to process large files like that, by the way? The current max bar length is 8, we can of course lift it as well."

    Excellent quick response there.

  • Another update from Artemiy, the dev.

    "Speaking of memory, by the way, our concern was that if we allocate two large buffers of say 50 MB (for playback and for recording), we'd need 100 MB of RAM which is 20% of what most devices have (except for iPad mini Retina, iPad 4 and Air). Anyways, a crash prevention for large pasteboards is on to-do for 1.0.1."

  • on sale now $2.99.
    still no AB.......

  • its on sale again for 1.79 € until end of may.

    in the description they are are talking about an update coming soon.

    anybody knows anything about the update?

  • Down to $0.99 now, still no AB.

  • Still a great loop smasher/masher app. Audio copy paste in some loops and have fun. I believe it'll render proper loops without tails too when ACP out of the app.

  • I love the gating on this too. Mashup .. set to triplet gating ... mmmmmmhhh

  • Looks cool. If I spent 10 dollars each on the SugarBytes apps without any clear plan on what to use them for, 99 cents on this simpler interface seems reasonable :)

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