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Gated synth?

edited January 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

I'm trying to create a gated pad in BM2 and not having much success. Volume automation seems like a lot of work, and sidechain compression needs to have an actual sound in the sidechain. Any other ideas?


  • The gate needs a sound to drive it. Can you not lay down a track with some hihats or something? It should be driven by a rhythmic sound.

  • razraz
    edited January 2014

    Thanks richardyot, I think I got it. My problem was that while the gate would need a sidechain to drive it, I didn't want those sounds to be audible (typical for eg a trance track). The only thing that worked in BM2 was muting the sidechain track... still the sound coming out of the compressor wasn't too great, but it's a start. :)

  • I've had some success using LFO's on synths (most notably in NanoStudio with the Square wave driving the LFO's, both in terms of the filter and the amp). If you don't like the stock synth sound sources in NS, you can always load up an external sample in Eden an then apply the LFO's.

  • I search a fx for audiobus, thats gated with a env.trigger/follower.
    Wanna gate drums, every hit, need a gate, with a short attack and decay function, did someone knows one?

  • @peanut_gallery that's an interesting one, I completely missed it, thanks!

  • By gating, would that be the same as dynamic or manually muting?

    If so, Swoopster had that functionality. Here's a demo of the muting about 30 seconds in, if the link doesn't automatically take you there.

    Also, Looptical has a cool trance gate effect.

  • Thats just mute.
    Search a fx thats recognice the trigger of the income drumhits and cut them with an AD Envelope every trigger.

  • @Yendor: a trance gate yes.

    @obi: a compressor should do that, if you add it to the drum track. I am not sure there's an fx for that...

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