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Driven By Disaster / Album #6

edited June 2019 in Creations

This album feels a bit different. Several tracks created by the Mediterranean Sea


  • McDMcD
    edited June 2019

    What's the Genre? I can't tell music by its cover... I need bins and labels.
    (Didn't listen to music today, sorry).

    Based on titles I'm guessing "Medi-Latin-nean Sea Shanties". Am I close?
    "Medi-terrarium Snake Oil"? I never can pigeon-hole your music but I will never stop trying.

    I can relay that our local Pigeons do NOT seem to like it. So, we play it non-stop on the deck overlooking
    our junk car lot.

    You laugh but this will put you back on top (of the front page).

  • You two :smile:
    But, hey, @McD - you got it quite close, me thinks. :wink:

  • @MrBlaschke said:
    You two :smile:
    But, hey, @McD - you got it quite close, me thinks. :wink:

    Even a broken watch is close when it's on your wrist. Does it bother anyone else that close and close are spelled the same?
    One of them should have a silent j and be spelled cjlose. Like cjlose the door if you walk close to it. We can put the j in the adverb if that's the favorite. Just make them look like their meaning.

    Just me?

  • Wasn't there something with "j's" around lately? Sporadically popping up "j"'s... :wink:
    All good.

  • @MrBlaschke said:
    Wasn't there something with "j's" around lately? Sporadically popping up "j"'s... :wink:
    All good.

    That was me... @j_liljedahl for example. It's a Nordic thing, isn't it? I just think of these J's as
    sneaky "y's" which are usually sneaky "i's" which means there's no "j" in "tjeam". Y | Y not.
    2 Y or Not 2 Y? What was the question.

    After we see more apps with slavic tendencies that don't use many vowels then we should
    just start naming apps with non-alpha characters. Of course, we'd have to create charts of
    non-alphabetical ordering. I vote for ASCII but EBCDIC has a lot of nice features for Mainframe
    Applications. I wish we had IOS for VTAM. (You can Google these acronyms and loose a good hour
    that you'll never get back).

  • @LinearLineman said:
    This album feels a bit different. Several tracks created by the Mediterranean Sea.

    Album #6 😳 you are a real machine sir. You produce them faster than I can listen to them.

  • McDMcD
    edited June 2019

    I have this app that speeds up audio without changing the pitch or the rhythm. I call it
    "Warp Speed". It got me through college listening to 1 hour lectures in under 3 minutes.

    I needed to dust it off to stay current with the release schedule of 9 albums in what feels like 72 hours.
    I'm sure it's longer but time flies when you're running late. I like to post reviews when the thread is still

    The album has a lot of saxes but in an effort to make me look bad they sound good. I think it's
    because they are a sax section or in this case a sax orgy. They seem to be having a good time.
    I liked it. They are playing a Waltz melody that @LinearLineman probably wrote when he was playing
    weddings in the 60's to work his way through college. He rarely mentions his years playing professionally
    in the NYC area. Rumor has it no one remembers him being around. Curious. Man of mystery.

    NOTE: The Waltz is so good it appears here twice: Marmaris Dawn and Turgut Shore.
    I googled mapped and Marmaris and Turgut are about 40 seconds apart just as they are here. Sorry: 40 seconds at Warpspeed and 45 minutes by car. Which indicates @LinearLineman writes his music at an internal warpspeed which explains his distain for
    MIDI clocks which sound must sound like Big Ben in the distance to his internal sense of time.

    The extra 40 seconds is a sax solo added to test my endurance. But respectfully added at the very end as a hand gesture for this critic and pain in the ass. I got the message.

    Lots of polyrhythmic drummer here which works best for @LinearLineman's approach to drums. "I'll play and you do what ever you want and try not to wake me up. These drummers do their thing like they were programmed by a mad genius (who happens to be named @LuisMartinez). Flawless grooves throughout.

    ONLY 4 TO GO! I'm just over 50% done.

  • edited June 2019

    @McD, somehow I did repeat Turgut shore. Now deleted. But the album was complete with six tracks. Not sure where When Last We Waltzed repeats twice. Where?

    As to my history. I didn’t play out much after my early twenties where I played in a few clubs on W. 57th in NYC. I did play The BlueNote and Birdland in NYC, but those were never to be repeated. And you are correct, other than Connie and our peers in New Artists Records, not many listeners heard me. My music, if you can believe it, is a lot more mainstream now!

    I don’t disdain midi clocks. I just don’t know how to use one. Do you wind it up?

    @ecou, you know, once upon a time, putting a cd together took time and money. Now it costs nothing ( if you have friends like @rs2000 and @chandroji ) and takes a few hours to put together. Still, nine albums was a pretty big project. Grateful for Cubasis. Made it a cinch. Thank you @LFS and the team!

  • @LinearLineman said:
    My music, if you can believe it, is a lot more mainstream now!

    I know! I bought the "Michael Levy At Greenwich House" album. "Descent into the Mailroom" would blow some minds and it you ever got something that into Cubasis to add extra MIDI instruments it would make a great test for speaker cone distortion. It would probably create a lot of speaker cone damage. Headphones? Fa' gedda' 'bout it.

    The 2 waltzes I called out we're the sax sections of Marmaris and Turgut. I preferred the name of Marmaris but "we'll always have that summer in Marmaris to remember". Is it pronounced "Ter-goot" or "Ter-git"?
    Either way... Marmaris just rolls off the tongue... like the Halibut at our favorite restaurant.

    This could be the end of a beautiful friendship.

    Did you really kill your first piano teacher?

  • My first piano teacher @McD told my mom not to waste money on piano lessons for me. My mom begged him to try with me for another year. Fortunately ( for me) he acquired cancer and returned to Italy to die. Did I kill him? You tell me.

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