How do I set up Rozeta XY pad with Sunrizer (or pretty much any synth)?

I’m trying to set up the filter and resonance on Sunrizer to be controlled with one Rozeta XY. When I do MIDI Learn on Sunrizer and move the pad on Rozeta I can only get one knob controlled at a time. How can I get the X to control the filter cutoff and the Y to control the resonance all on one pad?


  • So essentially just set both X and Y on Rozeta to the same value, learn a knob. Set them both to the next CC you want to learn, learn the knob the adjust the x and y accordingly depending on if you want. The video shows setting it up in turnado but the concept is the same. Maybe scroll to about 7 mins into the video.

  • Thank you! Got it working correctly .

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