Cubasis Fine pitch (Micrologue)

@LFS I am hunting for a way to see exactly what I am fine tuning the Micrologue oscillators to, the current dial just shows you 20 cent increments, is there any way to see exactly what cent you are tuning to?

I hunted in the manual but my ADHD brain is notoriously bad at finding stuff. If this isn’t currently possible then consider this a feature request for next release.
Fine tune in all Cubasis instruments would rock my world


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    I’m missing control and ver pulse width, sure it can be modulated but no way to use static values such as 25% and or 10%. For PWM it would also be cool to control the start phase of the PWM LFO. These two additions would make the synth even cooler than it already is.

    Added 'key sync' for the LFOs(ie. reset LFO Phase on note-on) could be nice too.

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