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Newbie needing help: Amplitube & Vocalive

edited January 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

I've been searching for a while now and just can't seem to come across exactly the info I need to do what I want with Amplitube and Vocalive. I may be making it way more complicated than I need to because I'm trying avoid spending more on a DAW app and keep Amplitube Studio as my final recorder (since I've already paid for it).

Here's what I'm trying to do: I record separate guitar and vocal tracks into Amplitube. Next, I want to apply multiple Vocalive effects to the vocal track. Then ultimately, I would like to get the wet vocal track back into Amplitube for final processing/export. Thought I could record the wet vocals into Garageband then GB into Amplitube but then I found out GB only works in the output slot of AB.

I've seen that there are DAW apps that can act as both inputs and outputs in AB (e.g. Auria). Is having one of these apps the only way to accomplish this? Of course, the irony is, if I shell out the cash for a full featured DAW app, then there's really no need to stick with Amplitube Studio as my recorder and I might as well use the DAW app. So I guess the real question is are there any cheap/simple recorders that will work as both input and output?



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