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Developers - preset organization

I think it great that so many iOS developers are including presets made by their beta testers or 3rd parties they paid to create some presets. It's also great that the people behind these presets are credited for their work while browsing the presets, typically by placing all their sounds in a separate folder for each content creator.

I would LOVE if these presets were also included in global categories. If I'm looking for a bass sound, it would be soooo much easier to have all of the bass presets in one folder, instead having to go into each individual preset creators folder looking for them. Nave and Thor come to mind for this, but a lot of apps are organized like this.

Likewise for something like Alchemy, all those extra packs are awesome, but not having to go into each one of them, one after the other looking for a specific sound. Let us browse all the Pads, Leads, bass, etc from all the packs at once please.


  • Addictive doesn't even have folders. :(

  • edited January 2014

    Addictive (STILL) doesn't even have folders. :)

  • Totally agree!
    Maniging presets in Sunrizer works great, but Animoog is a total PITA.
    Or am I doing something wrong?

  • I love the new Spawn in my Magellan Jr... wowzers... new banks/presets out the ying yang. I do see what you mean though by a different method of organization.

    And I was frustrated by the Alchemy setup at first, but it makes it so I use more of what I have bought. (I have sounds from Alchemy Player added also). I find that having an "App notepad" is very helpful. Surprising how good ol' fashion pen and paper can help me keep track of presets, songs, ideas, lyrics.

  • MIDI Program Change and Bank Select. Please.

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