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Thor Preset Management

Hi, new to forums so apologies if this is duplicated.

I'm trying to find a method of arranging/saving my presets under headings (like Lead, Pads etc) in the Thor app.

Propellorhead say there's no current way of actioning this but wondered if anyone had found a way??

I previously used ifunbox to arrange Animoog app

Any advice welcome.



  • Propellerheads seems like it might be the expert on this one. I have tried and failed with ifunbox.

  • Thanks - I think so too. I asked them on twitter - hopefully it will land in an update as Thor doesn't seem to have had too many of those.....

  • I had also tried via iFunbox but resorted to using a program to write many file names at once to preface all presets with LD_80s Synth Lead or BS_WibbleWobble and such PD (Pad), DR (Drum) and etc

  • Not a bad idea as then it's sorted by A-Z... Which program?

  • Bulk Rename Utility -

    Looks complicated but very simple and actually shows what changes are gonna be made in the top window prior to you actually confirming it. Slick little utility...

  • Nice! Thanks I'll check it out

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