Problems Converting Cubasis 44.1 projects to 48k, from Air 2 to Air 3

The iPad Air 3’s sample rate is the same as the iPad Pros, locked to 48k. Cubasis only works with 48k audio natively. Projects have been recorded and built at 44.1k within Cubasis on an Air 2. The Air 2 has been struggling to keep up with added MIDI apps and efx, hence the purchase of the Air 3. When opening existing Cubasis projects that were created on an Air 2, on an Air 3, and converting the audio (as the Cubasis message recommends "for higher quality audio"), the audio tracks are resized, making them out of sync. When making the choice not to convert the audio, all (audio tracks) stay correctly in sync.

However, SynthScaper LE MIDI tracks were out of tune on all instances. I went no further to test other apps/efx rtc. Terrifying to imagine what other unexpected problems crop up next. Yes, I could freeze all the MIDI tracks that don’t convert correctly, before opening the project in Cubasis on the Air 3, but would like to avoid that step.

If the projects start at 48k in Cubasis, I assume all the plugins/synths would then be in tune/sync. It’s obviously the conversion that’s creating the problem. Is it up to each developer to allow for this? Have they all? Am I doing something wrong within Cubasis, which seems unlikely? 48k is dictated by the iPad unless using an interface (in this case a Focusrite 18i8, which allows for 44.1 and 96k), which isn’t always desired/utilized.

Is there a small dongle-like interface just for portability’s sake, that will allow Cubasis projects on the Air 3 to continue to recognize 44.1? Or any other solution?

Thanks for any help with this…


  • Have you tried headsets (headphones with mic)? Or a 4-pole output extension cable connected to regular headphones? Very curious if that'll work.

  • Re: Synthscaper LE out of tune, good catch. Let Igor know.

  • Thanks so much for replying, Ocelot. I'll give that a try later tonight and report back. Incredible if that's the fix. I searched this forum and didn't come up with Dendy's post. I let Igor know about Synthscaper LE too, thanks for the suggestion. You've truly saved the day, or at least the iPad Air 3!

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    (I posted most of this on the Cubasis Forum as well)

    @Ocelot @dendy ... I tried a headset with mic (a multiple one with 2 outputs, with separate volume controls), and it briefly allowed the iPad Air 3 to revert back to 44.1, but then when plugging in a headphone with and without an extension (neither 4 pole) to one of the headset outputs, with the headset still plugged in, it would change to 48k again. And back and forth and back and forth. But thanks for spotting that. (Ocelot joke...)

    Rather than try to keep everything at 44.1, it's obvious that 48k is now what seems to be becoming "the standard", at least on iOS, at least with Cubasis. Going back and forth with cables and alternate iPads and interfaces just to retain the 44.1 sample rate doesn't seem a sensible workflow. I wish there were a way for Cubasis to still allow users a choice between 44.1 and 48k, and if "crackling" occurs, then the user can decide to change sample rates. Perhaps this isn't the best way to code things.

    The problems, for me, were narrowed down to two apps, SynthScaper LE and SynthMaster Player, that deal incorrectly with the sample rate change. I've communicated with Igor, at SynthScaper, and evidently a fix is to come. He recommends using the IAA version (which plays in the correct tuning as far as I can see/hear), but of course that doesn't retain the preset/patch settings. I haven't gottten in touch with the SynthMaster developers yet. Has anyone yet? It's hard to believe that no one else has noticed this in SynthScaper LE, or at least made note of it yet.

    If these apps are the only problems (for me), I'll be relieved to know that I can continue creating on the Air 3, but it just creates a bit of worry about future apps/hosts/hardware successfully communicating with each other. The longevity of archived projects is also in question. Who knows what Apple/Cubasis/developers will change in the future for their individual reasons, creating other workflow problems for users? I'm wondering why some developers are not having problems with the sample change, while others are? Everything is transitory as we know...

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    I reported the Synthmaster Player 44.1-48KHz issue to the dev through their support channel long ago, but I never got my email answered, so I ‘m not sure if they received it or not.

    Maybe if we tag @kv331audio_bulent @kv331audio we can make them aware of the issue and hopefully they can fix it soon.

  • Shouldn't the host ap be able to set the sample rate regardless of the hardware? It seems insane that the newer devices won't let you choose your own sample rate if you don't have an interface connected.

    Does this happen in other hosts or is it just in Cubasis? Do Auria or NS2 also suffer from this?

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